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Thursday, 23 February 2017

An Honest Chat About Health, Fitness And How To Get Back On Track With Health & Fitness

We're not even half way though the year yet, but for some reason, I find, February to be quite a slump, fitness and health wise. As soon as Christmas is over, we're all keen to get on the health bandwagon, but I feel like as soon as February comes, we hit that slump again. For me, eating well and working out hasn't been as straight forward as it usually is. I pride myself on being Mrs motivated, getting up, shaking it all on that spin bike and keeping my food balance on point. My routine is what ensures I stick to my workouts but this year so far, my routine is here, there and everywhere, making it difficult to stick to a regime. 2017 has been difficult for many reasons, starting with a number of devastating family issues (read more about that here as I've finally opened up a little) which means I've been emotionally exhausted and therefore, haven't been able to work out as much as I'd have liked to. Secondly, I somehow injured my leg in December and it took around 10 weeks to get better. Every time I did anything physical it went, again. I'm the girl who never takes a day off and certainly doesn't go a week without exercising so for me, this was torture. Once I got better, I had the worst rib and chest pain for a few weeks, unable to bend over and now, I have a kidney infection. It seems to me like it's one thing after another at the moment and I'm almost certain it's down to this emotional stress, but I refuse to let this stop me from being strong and healthy. I wrote a blog post about how to juggle everything and you know what, it is doable, but trust me, you've got to put your health first. You might be the size you've always dreamt of but if you're not healthy on the inside, does it even count? No, no it does not. Read on...

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Little Things That Make Me Feel Confident

kiss the sky top

Body confidence is something I talk about a lot and feeling confident is something I struggled with for a long time. I wouldn't eat infront of anyone, I struggled walking past people in the school corridors, hated walking into lectures alone and more. Today, I've delivered talks to hundreds of students, pitched myself infront of Dragon's Den Style investors and meet new people daily (and enjoy it!!!) I do feel like confidence is something that develops as you grow up and with life experience, but here are few little things I do that really make me feel my best and super confident. There's nothing like happy, confidence boosting endorphins. If you read my recent blog post about why it's important to love yourself first, you'll know I said how important it is to realise that being confident/happy in yourself doesn't mean you are arrogant, it's great to feel confident in our own skin, bodies and minds. Read on!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Why Is It Important To Love Yourself? Never Let Anyone Make You Feel Less Than Amazing

The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch / Bralet / hair by Sassoon 
I'll forgive you if you clicked on this post and instantly Justin Bieber came to mind 'you should go and love yourself', love or hate Justin, he has a point. Valentines day, is a day you either love, hate or ignore. If you read my recent top date night beauty products post, you'll know I choose to embrace the idea of love. Call it consumerism, call it me falling for marketing strategies, I don't care, give me any excuse to spread a little love and show a little love and I'm there. I genuinely do feel all gooey inside when I see cute Valentines notes and gestures. It's the little things that count and hey, if one day a year we can all be soppy, then so be it. Today though, I wanted to touch on a different topic, actually inspired by one of my best friends, who has no Valentine (total lie, because she has me but anyway, more on that later). It's inspired me to talk about the power and importance of loving yourself and why you should never let anyone make you feel less than 100%. Let's chat. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

The Best Date Night Pamper Night Products - Date Night Products

Valentines day gets a lot of hate. I personally don't hate Valentines day, in fact, I'm one of those people (single or taken) who has always loved the day. What's not to love about curling up and eating pizza and chocolate? give me any excuse to celebrate. I don't see it as purely a consumer day (I know a lot of people just think it's a marketing dream and a made up holiday), I see it as a day of love and well, an excuse to eat. Love though, not even just between a couple, but a way to spread a little love everywhere, whether it's to yourself (which is what this post is about) or, to your family, your friends or your partner. Every year I get my Mum a Valentines present, whether it's chocolates or flowers, yup, I am a consumers dream but life is too short to be cynical about every single thing, so I vote love. Share love. Spread love. Be in love (with him/her/yourself). So today, in aid of Valentines day, I want to talk about date night! I wanted to talk through some of my favourite Valentines themed products, my top items to get you date night ready, whether it's for an at home pamper session eating chocolates and pizza, or a girls night out, a night out with your loved one or whatever you fancy, or, just for date nights in general. I hope you love these products, they're some of my favourites! Don't forget to check out my Valentines gift guide too, if you do love Valentines day as much as I do!

Saturday, 11 February 2017

A Serious Heart To Heart. Life At The Moment.

In 2016 I wrote ablog post about the importance of giving back, anytime at all, but particularly at Christmas. Giving back isn’t something that has to be done during the festive period alone though, giving back doesn’t just mean giving all your time and money to something either. Giving back can be done by smiling at someone on the street, taking your time out to talk to someone who might just need a little bit of support, or raising awareness for something serious. We all have a voice. I’m approached on a weekly basis by charities and I really wish I could help them all. However, I was once that girl who’d walk past charities in the street because I didn’t have any spare change or the time to talk. That doesn't make me a bad person, I just had other things on my mind and recognise that even if we wanted to, we cannot support every single charity. It’s not until recently, I’ve realised just how much raising awareness and raising money can help in so many ways. My life has changed recently and sadly, may not be the same for a long time. Let's talk.

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