Thursday, 18 December 2014

London Outfit Of The Day; Blue Vanilla

Hello! It feels weird to be posting an outfit post where I'm back in my home country; England! I feel like this is a bit of a special outfit post because it's my first one back on British turf - hooray! Recently I've been busy around London but I thought I'd stop and do some outfit posts for you all. I hope you like this one... it's good to be home! 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Hello! Wow, so we have like, 8 days left until Christmas... that's crazy but honestly, don't worry at all if you haven't even started your Christmas shopping yet, luckily, the online word is here to help you. As well as my two huge gift guides; my Christmas gift guide for him here and Christmas gift guide for her here, I thought I would put together a last minute gift guide too just incase you haven't started or you still have a few more presents to buy... You can do all your shopping from the comfort of your home as it's all online! Happy shopping!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Get The Perfect Party Hair! Herbal Essences Twitter Party!

Hello hello hello, it's me (who else would it be?!) and I am officially back home - hooray! It feels so so good to be back. I love travelling and that's not finished yet so don't worry! (Catch up on my travels here). I am actually writing this from London as I am currently here doing some exciting things. Today it's a quick one, but I promise it's a good one! I am working with Herbal Essences on another Twitter party (I loved it so much last time!) and I would love love love for you to join me...

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas In Canada

montreal in winter
The past week has been incredible and whilst even Kodak can't capture some memories, I did want to take my camera out into the snow and share some of Canada's beauty with you... (currently back in England and wondering how I managed to leave). The past week was a stark contrast from my first Canada blog post when I was on a beach, in 30 degree heat and whilst I think I'm probably a beach babe at heart, I don't think you can beat crisp, white snow...


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