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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Iconic London Pro-Evo Buffer Brush, Foundation Stick & Illuminator Drops Review

Iconic London foundation stick
My Dress / Hair by Conor At Sassoon Salon / Nails by Pastille 

Iconic London are pretty famous for their different take on the make up brush and their insta-worthy illuminators, they have definitely brought some of the best beauty items to the table this year. I thought it was about time I put this brand in the spotlight and talked through some of my favourite bits from the brand this month. Beauty lovers, you're in for a treat, I've also got the new way to apply make up too...

Thursday, 20 April 2017

10 Ways To Nourish And Love Your Body Better This Year

fitness photo shoot in adidas
Leggings / Top  / 

Hello hello! After the success of my recent 12 easy fitness and health hack posts, I thought I'd do something similar, but with a little twist. Today I want to give you my top ways to nourish and love your body this year. I really hope this will help you whether you're totally new to working out/eating well, whether you're a seasoned pro and work out every day or whether you're just someone who's lost their mojo and wants to find their way again. Let's nourish and love our body but enjoy life too. 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Best Beauty Products For Photos/On Camera - Top Beauty Products For A Flawless Finish

beauty blog flatlay

Hello! I wanted to give you some of my favourite items for getting photo-ready, aka, flawless or camera ready. I spend a lot of my time on camera or taking photos so I guess I wanted to delve into my beauty stash and pick out the products that always make me feel comfortable, flawless and photo ready! Basically, I wanted to show you a few ‘instant beauty products’ and therefore, things that instantly make you photoready and flawless. I’m all about a flawless base and these are the products to do just that. Let’s do this.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Instagram Fraud & A Perspective On Life

I wasn't going to write this blog post as quite frankly, I want to sit in a corner with my Easter eggs, but as I always say with blogging, sometimes these personal post ideas come to our mind and we've gotta tackle them. Over the last 24 hours, things have happened and these thing have made me want to speak out and talk about an issue. That's the joy of blogging isn't it? We are able to say what we think on our channels. I'm a big believer of supporting people, doing good and giving good back in return. If I'm honest though, the thing that bothers me most is what people say when people do speak up about issues in social media: 'you've got too much time on your hands' 'you're moaning' 'you're bitching' 'you need to put life into perspective'. I just want to start by saying, in November my life was put into perspective in a way I could never have imagined. As most of you will know by now if you follow me on Twitter or watch my weekly vlogs, in November my closest family member, and best friend, was knocked down with a disgusting, debilitating chronic illness. Not just one, but a few illnesses which will change his life forever (read more about this here). These are real issues that have changed all our lives forever and will continue to do so. On top of this, I have been the victim of domestic abuse throughout my whole life and witnessed things people never should have to witness. To judge someone via social media and say they need to use their energy on something else etc, is just not okay. This is why recently, I've been trying to use my voice to talk about genuine issues too, as well as wanderlust locations, pretty outfits and so on. But, remember, I know life is about way more than that. I have been using most of my energy raising money for my chronic illnesses recently so just had to get that in there. I'd trade every single thing I have to make my family okay. Anyway. Back onto the current issue, for a few weeks now, trouble has been 'brewing' in the blogosphere, I rarely get involved and rarely care, but when peoples honesty and integrity comes into play. It's something I had to discuss.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Crafthouse Afternoon Tea Review - Bottomless Afternoon Tea Crafthouse Leeds

TopJeans / Gucci Belt / Hair By Tatty at Sassoon

It's one of those days where I'm in the mood to champion Leeds. It's an incredible, vibrant city which gets better every month. It used to get a really bad rep, when I first started at the University of Leeds people really looked down on the city and I spent my whole time there telling people how great it is. I'm pleased to say, with it's recent developments, it's just getting even better every single day. The past week I took a week off rushing around London and enjoyed Leeds, it felt good to be back, properly. You may have read my top places to eat and drink in Leeds but today, I'm here with a new addition! 

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