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Monday, 30 March 2015

Winter in Canada; Visiting Montreal and Toronto

mont royal winter montreal
Far away from the warmth of Mexico, I decided to stop off and see friends in Canada too before I quickly flew home to the UK for London Fashion Week. I'm getting used to this flying alone thing. I headed back to Toronto and Montreal for some *feels like -35* activities - a very difference experience to the plus 30 degrees temperatures I was used to in Mexico but hey, that's the joy of travelling, you can hop on a plane and be in a totally different culture and climate within hours. Let's talk about Winter in Canada... brrr! 

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Floral Lace Mesh Dress with Nude Heels!

missguided mesh lace dress
If you haven't seen me obsessing over this on Twitter & Instagram (@emshelx) then where have you been? I literally haven't stopped going on about this incredible dress since I got it. It's easily my favourite outfit at the moment and I know it's going to carry me all the way through until Summer. I can't wait for an occasion to pop up so I can actually wear it. This is literally my favourite outfit and I am way too excited to finally be posting about it!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Visiting Riviera Maya; Part 3

uk travel blog
Hello lovelies, I am so sorry this is late, but hey, at least I can relive Mexico a little bit longer. I am currently in Chicago actually so thought I'd stick to the topic of travel today (keep up to date with my Chicago trip on my Instagram - emshelx!) After almost a week of getting up early and going on day trips exploring Mexico, we decided for the end of our trip to head to the calmer, Riviera Maya and just relax. I have always wanted to stay at a Hard Rock Hotel and I am so excited to share the final part of my Mexico trip with you however I've got a funny feeling I'll be going back to explore more in the near future...

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Caudalie Polyphenol Range Review

Caudalie Polyphenol review
I have always been a Caudalie lover, I am the person who went to France and purely wanted to go so that I could finally buy some Caudalie treats. I ran into the first French pharmacy I could find and filled my basket full of Caudalie treats - it brings back so many happy memories - France is a beauty lovers dream. But seriously, since I was about 15 I have always been a Caudalie obsessive. No longer do I have to pop to France to top up my supplies, it's available in England now so no more craving Caudalie on a daily basis and trying to desperately scrape the last bit out of my pot.  Today I am talking to you about a new product in their Polyphenol C15 range, a range which I think was actually developed for me! The range is designed for urban women who live a fast paced life and are faced with daily factors such as pollution and stress (I am the worlds stressiest person) so this sounds like a pretty relevant range - read on to find out more...

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Best Foldable, Practical Shoes for Busy Ladies!

butterfly twists
I don't think the title of this blog post could be more appropriate if I tried; last week I was invited to  the launch of an exciting new shoe brand and trust me, I am excited to talk to you about these beauties, I feel like they were designed for me, someone who runs around all the time but still wants to look good! I don't treat my feet enough when they carry me everywhere! When someone mentions fold up shoes, I switch off and honestly, don't think they'll be nice but finally, someone has put some love and care into foldable shoes and created ridiculously gorgeous styles for girls on the go!  I love shoes, always have, always will - you can never have too many pairs so when I found out that these are much more than the average shoe, I got a little bit excited...


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