Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Huge Christmas Gift Guide For Her

christmas gift guide

Okay, Christmas is basically nearly here...seriously... we're talking like 5ish weeks! But do not panic, I've got you covered. I've picked a few Christmas bits and bobs up here and there on my travels, but apart from that, I honestly haven't really looked, until now! I've decided to put together a huge Christmas gift guide for you this year, including stocking fillers, special beauty bits, a general gift guide and then a luxury gift guide - I've made sure I've covered all price ranges too and chosen websites which ship internationally. I've got you all covered! Whether you're using this as a way to find something for your girlfriend, best friend, Mum, sister, Grandma or just so you can find something to add to your own Christmas list (I know I've added half of this stuff to mine) then hopefully this should help you out. Just call me Santa's little helper, here we go...

Monday, 17 November 2014

A Weekend In Washington D.C, Part 2

The prospect of my Washington D.C trip ending wasn't a good thought. If you missed my first Washington D.C post, make sure you go and read that here so you can update yourself on part 1 of my time in D.C. The next morning, we headed to The Fairmont Hotel which is closer to the Georgetown area of Washington D.C. I have always wanted to stay in a Fairmont hotel, everyone talks about how incredible they are and honestly, my experience at the Fairmont is something I will never forget, it was an experience in itself. Let's talk about amazing food and an amazing shopping trip in my second and final Washington D.C post... (sobs - I miss you already Washington D.C!) 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Structured Skirt & The Woven Tee; Girlie OOTD

structured skater skirt
I've always loved the colour grey and I've always loved skater skirts. I've always wanted to own a pretty, structured skirt and this little beauty fell into my wardrobe at the right time. I thought it was time I introduced you to some new pieces in my wardrobe... let's do this! It is the best season for fashion after all...

Friday, 14 November 2014

Win A Personalized Sophie Hulme Bag with Lyst!

Today is a bit of a different post from me but I am actually really excited to share this with you. Basically, I was introduced to a pretty addictive site the other week (could this be the new Pinterest?!) and, there's a way you can use it to basically change your online shopping experience and win a prize worth $1200, so that's around £600! Keep reading to find out more... PS, you're not going to thank me for this when you're addicted to this site...


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