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Tuesday 5 December 2023


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My favourite time of the year is here! Putting together Christmas gift guides is one of my favourite parts of being a blogger, I love being able to search around and find incredible gifts for all the loved ones in life.
If you're feeling stuck on inspiration, then you have come to the right place! I've got all the best gifts for Christmas 2023 in this list. From Homeware gifts for 2023, to beauty gifts for 2023 everything is collated here for you. If you are wondering what to buy him this Christmas, I have the ultimate boys Christmas gift guide! To be honest, most of these Christmas gifts are universa,l of course, but we're calling it the Christmas gift guide for him!

If you do want to have a nosy at my Christmas Gift Guide for her then follow this link and it will take you straight to it. 

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Stocking Fillers/ Secret Santa Gifts for Him 

Pro V 1According to Matt, these are the best golf balls that you can buy so if you have a golfer partner like I do... (I feel your pain), then popping these in their stocking will earn you some serious brownie points!

Lindt - And while you're at it, you can get your partners golfing friends some Lindt chocolate golf balls too! Imagine him turning up at the green with these as a gift for all of them. Again - think of the brownie points. 

Grind - I love that so many stores are bringing out their version of Nespresso pods and Grind are a great option. Not only do they product great coffee, but their packaging is all recyclable which is a big step in the right direction when it comes to coffee pods. 

Anthropologie - Just searching through Anthropologie online they are so many products you can add to your basket that would work so well for Secret Santa however I really like the idea of these Old Fashioned Ice Cube trays. Which man doesn't love an Old Fashioned?!

Calvin Klein - I say it every year, but you really can't go wrong with Calvin Klein boxers. 

Ralph Lauren - And if it's not boxers, then it's 100% socks. I really love these cute ones from Ralph Lauren. 

Yeti - Probably the best brand when it comes to good old insulated products. Their ice boxes are famous, but as a stocking stuffer then their Tumbler is great. You could pair this with the Grind Coffee Pods and this would work great for a morning commute! We're all trying to do better with buying coffee when out right... 

Beauty & Wellness gifts for him 

Shop my Beauty and Wellness Mens Gift Guide here 

Clinique - Nowadays, there is no excuse for a man to not have a good skincare routine. So if there is anyone in your life who is still slacking, then why not gift them this Clinique skincare set which includes absolutely everything they will need to start their skincare routine... and stick to it! 

Aesop - Love, love Aesop and this body bar is a great gift for a man in your life. Is it me or do men just love a bar of soap? At least if they are going to use one then make sure you gift them a gorgeous smelling, botanical, and soft feeling one. 

Oral B Toothbrush - One of the best things I like to buy my brother or step Dad is an electric toothbrush, it might not sound like a glossy gift, but it's a useful gift and that's what really counts plus the tech of Oral B is SO good nowadays, it really gets everyone talking. They're currently up to 70% off here.  Oral B toothbrushes are my holy grail, they last forever and they are usually on great offer too. 

Aspinal of London - This is such a lovely gift! A mens grooming kit encased in a gorgeous leather case. With scissors, nail files and tweezers then finally they can stop stealing yours - am I right?!

Etsy - I love how supportive Etsy is of small businesses and allowing people to put their hard work out there onto the internet, where anyone is able to find them. I think I put this on my gift list last year but these leather toiletry bags that you're able to get engraved would also be a gorgeous gift and you could pair it with the Aspinal Grooming Kit - maybe pop that inside as a secret surprise! 

Elemis - One thing we do know Men to stick to when it comes to skincare is their shaving cream or shaving balm. Elemis have a shaving gel which not only would come in handy but would also be a lovely treat as their products are SUCH high quality. 

Alo - If you have a bath at home, then deffo pick up some of the Alo Magnesium Bath Salts. Especially if you partner is a gym bunny! These are so good at soothing tired muscles and making sure you're not achey the next day. 

Tom Ford - So many incredible scents from Tom Ford, so realistically you can't go wrong. However if I were to choose one for Matt, my choice would be Oud Wood. It's perfectly musky and manly, without being way to overpowering. 

GHD - If your man is as obsessed with your hair as much as Matt is, then you NEED to get them the Mens mini straightener. Matt uses his all the time, he genuinely can't travel without it! 

Luxury gifts for him

Shop my Luxury Mens Gift Guide here

Russell & Bromley - A man always needs a good pair of boots and I spotted these Russell & Bromley ones and thought they were soooo nice and also a classic. They're the sort of boot that we'll see for years to come so why not treat him and get him a really good pair of long lasting, classic, stylish boots!

Acne Studios - A good staple scarf is also something that I think you can splurge on a little bit and I love this Acne scarf. It's a great grey colour and would go with so many different outfits. 

Tom Ford - I feel owning a card holder is essential these days, moreso than a wallet. I spotted this Tom Ford one and really loved it. It's subtle which I think is important when coming to mens luxury items. 

MontBlanc - You probably know MontBlanc mostly for their pens, but they also do incredible leather gifts too. If your man is still holding onto his wallet then I would suggest getting him one from here! I got Matt one years ago and it still looks brand new to this day! 

Cartier - For some reason, I really love their string bracelets on men. It's subtle jewellery but still, I think really cool! I also love how you can take the string in to have it changed to whatever colour you want. So it can reiterate itself as almost a new bracelet all the time! 

Gucci - Look, I'm a Gucci girl when it comes to belts and I also think that goes for men too. I prefer a more subtle look on a man, which is why when I saw this belt I knew I needed to include it my Mens Gift Guide for 2023. 

Mulberry - Every man needs a good, sturdy, weekend bag. Otherwise where else are we supposed to put all our overfill from our own packing?! I've always thought the Mulberry ones are classics and have such longevity also. 

Dents - I believe Dents was established in the 1800's which shows how much they're considered a heritage brand! A good pair of leather gloves is an essential in a mans wardrobe and you may aswell get him a pair that will last him a lifetime. 

Fitness gifts for him 

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Lululemon - Matt really loves the Lululemon trackie bottoms, he's always telling me how comfy they are! So I thought it'd be worth putting them on the gift guide this year. In all honesty, anything from Lululemon would be such a treat!

Apple - If you have a fitness fanatic in your family who doesn't have an Apple Watch then it's 100% worth getting them one! You can track all fitness related things with your watch and also keep up to date with your friends also, which is a great way to motivate everyone. 

Nike - Nike are up there with my favourite fitness brands and I'm particularly loyal to their trainers. I know Matt really likes lifting in the gym and Nike have their Metcon Trainers which are really good for weightlifting or any other type of floor work. 
Matt also loves Nike socks, not just for the gym, but in general. So it'd be worth picking up a pair of those too. 

Stanley - A Stanley bottle isn't just for the ladies! Men need to get their water too and they may aswell get it in style right?! But seriously aside from the absolute TikTok craze over these bottles, it really is warranted. They're just so easy to carry around - it's almost impossible to not get your daily intake when you have a Stanley bottle. 

Therabody - They have Theragun's at Matt and I's gym and I always absolutely love using them after a particularly gruelling workout. They do a really good job of easing pressure and pain from your muscles so hopefully the next day isn't too painful. Perfect for a gym bunny member of the family!

Humantra - These would be great as a stocking filler or as a cute added extra. Electrolytes are so important for fitness health! 

Homeware gifts for him

Shop my Homeware Mens Gift Guide here 

Bang & Olufsen - I mention B&O a lot, but only because I believe them to truly be one of the best speaker systems out there. I saw they released a range with Ferrari which honestly isn't it the most perfect collaboration for a man out there?!

Jo Malone - Every home needs a Jo Malone candle and men are no exception. They have a gorgeous Whiskey and Cedarwood scent which just fills the room and it smells so so gorgeous! I'm sure any man would love this, more than they probably know. 

Telmont -  A new favourite champagne of mine, I recently discovered this year. A really nice thoughtful gift rather than just purchasing all the Champagne everyone knows. Plus you just have to have bubbles at Christmas!! 

Fortnum and Mason - To go hand in hand alongside your champagne gift... This Lobster bottle opener! A bit extra, but it's so cool! I love the idea of a jazzy bottle opener.

Ninja - I find the Ninja Smoothie makers to be the best ones out there. This would be a great gift for anyone trying to get healthy, a man who loves his protein smoothies, or someone who's just interested in cooking and wanting to get into making sauces and soups! So many different functions and such a good piece of kit. 

Gucci - Always something a little bit extra... But I think this would be a really special gift for someone. There's something really fancy about having a designer blanket and I love this Gucci one as its neutral colours so can be used in so many different ways with so many different colour schemes. 

Cleanco - If you have any non-drinkers then I can't recommend CleanCo enough! They're an amazing alternative to alcoholic drinks. Gin & Tonic is universally loved so why don't you grab one of their botanical 'spirits'. 

Nio Cocktails - What's better than having a pre-made cocktail on Christmas Day? When you've been preparing food all day and feeling absolutely stuffed the last thing you want to do is whip out all the ingredients for an after dinner cocktail. Nio's pre-made ones are so easy! Just open them up and pour them in. I love the Spiced Negroni one personally. 

Harris Distillery - I recently tried their delicious Isle of Harris Gin and it was just gorgeous! Distilled in Scotland, it's truly the most delicate gin. And I love the bottle! 
I hope that you enjoyed my 2023 Gift Guide for Him and that is has given you some inspiration for some really thoughtful and lovely gifts this Christmas! 
Make sure to bookmark this page as I will be updating it if I think of new gifts! 
Also don't forget to follow me on my socials where allll the Christmas content is happening. Insta - @emshelx & TikTok - @emshelx. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.
Em x

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