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Thursday 1 September 2022

Space NK Beauty Advent Calendar Unboxing And Review 2022 - What's Inside Space NK Christmas Advent Calendar

Ad affiliate / pr throughout - Hello hello! Now just like I said on my The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 review and unboxing, you may think it’s just a lil early to start mentioning Christmas already {I'm really not ready for Summer to end} but in my experience people start planning and buying very early on, particularly when it comes to sell out beauty advent calendars and one that sells out every year? The Space NK Beauty Advent calendar. Without further ado, I am incredibly excited to tell you about The Space NK Beauty Advent Calendar 2022. Here is my review of the Space NK Beauty Advent Calendar and let's take a look at what's inside!

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Watch my video unboxing of what's inside the Space NK Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 below:

Why does the Space NK advent calendar get so much hype every year? Space NK is the premium beauty store of dreams, stocking the creme de la creme of beauty brands so it usually goes without saying that you are going to get some incredible products inside their beauty advent calendar. Looking back on previous years beauty advent calendars, Space NK usually include a fair few best beauty sellers and to be honest, they really don't sell bad items in their store so I'd be shocked if you received products you didn't like! I would say the Space NK beauty advent calendar is always one of the most lust-worthy beauty advent calendars, globally! I think because a beauty advent calendar from Space NK is full of different brands, rather than just one brand, you also get a lot of bang for your buck. The multi-brand-ness of it means you can try things you've maybe always wanted to try, or, try things you never even knew existed. It's a great way to try new products entirely or stock up on cult / holy grail favourites and as everything stocked at Space NK is usually epic, you know you're going to be in for a good Christmas countdown.

Fun fact: Last year the Space NK Advent Calendar was the fastest selling ever, with 50% sold by the 2nd day, and fully sold out in stores and online within two weeks (before the end of September)!!!

The Packaging Of The Space NK beauty advent calendar 2022: Reds and pinks give a glamorous but classy and Christmassy look this year! A lovely bright box that screams *Christmas* to brighten every wintery morning. I just love the little touches on each box you open this year too, almost like a little clue about what's going to be behind that door.

When is the Space NK Beauty Advent calendar available and on sale in 2022? The Space NK beauty advent calendar is currently on a waitlist and you can sign up at Space NK now. I believe the launch date is the 16th September so bookmark this page and come back then! The Space NK Beauty Advent Calendar will sell out eek! 

How much is the Space NK Beauty Advent calendar worth? This year they say the Space NK Beauty advent calendar is worth £770 {I have NO idea, every year where brands get their figures from for this but they can't be lying?!} and it costs £215 to purchase. I guess a little bit like I did with the Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box, I took the contents out, added up the full sized prices and I did get huge savings. If you were going to buy some of these items full priced and full sized anyway, you may as well look at the maths and see if it works out better for you to get the advent calendar instead! 

How does the Space NK Beauty Advent calendar compare to other beauty advent calendars? In terms of price range, the Space NK beauty advent calendar is always up there with one of the most expensive, I'd say Space NK and the Fortnum and Mason beauty advent calendar are two of the most expensive / luxurious on the market. This is because you are getting premium brands inside. I'd say 98% of the Space NK advent calendar was made up of their more premium brands this year. It's not every day you get Olaplex {my holy grail!} inside an advent calendar {and that isn't even luxurious in comparison to other products inside here, but to me it's my favourite haha}. 

What's inside the Space NK Beauty Advent calendar 2022? The big question, what is inside the Space NK beauty advent calendar this year? See the full contents of the Space NK beauty advent calendar below. 

Which products I'm most excited about in the Space NK Beauty Advent Calendar: Naturally I squealed when I saw the Olaplex because I am head over heels in LOVE with that brand. If you've followed my hair journey you'll know I take good haircare products really seriously and to get them inside an advent calendar is such a treat. An endless supply / Olaplex advent calendar would make my day to be honest and to get a full sized number 3, will make my hair very happy. 

I'm also never going to be mad at the inclusion of a full sized {apaprently universally flattering shade} in my favourite Charlotte Tilbury lipstick: the famous pillowtalk! P.S. I found some Charlotte Tilbury lipstick on sale here.

Also included inside the Space NK advent calendar, one of my favourite body moisturisers, the holy grail Sol De Janerio Brazilian Bum Bum cream! It smells just like summer and will transport you back to tropical islands during the cold winter months. It's also SO good for winter skin because I find it really hydrating for dry skin, so even though it smells like summer, it's probably better used in winter!

I absolutely adore Jo Loves, founded by Jo Malone and to see one of her special winter scents inside, albeit it small, it is still absolutely gorgeous and feels so incredibly premium. I love the ethos of Jo and her story so I was really excited to see this.

I am OBSESSED with Retinol {I love SkinCeuticals 0.3} so super excited to try Medik8 Retinal and see how my skin gets on with it. It's also a really nice big bottle which we love to see inside an advent calendar.

I am also thrilled to see a Fresh Soy Cleanser in there, I think it's a cleanser every one in the world needs to try: sensational, soft on the skin, hydrating and just so kind to the skin. I don't know anyone who doesn't love it. I wish it was bigger but it will be perfect for trips. I wrote a full review of the Soy cleanser by Fresh.

Rare Beauty is incredible and to see a mascara in there made me happy, I do think they could have put a big one in but hey, we can't have it all can we. Rare Beauty is Selena Gomez beauty brand and I just know this fluffy brush is going to become a new fav mascara of mine.

Is the Space NK Beauty Advent Calendar worth buying? I think if you're going to get one advent calendar and you want to splurge, obviously The Space NK beauty advent calendar would be top of the list. Space NK stock the ultimate brands so you know you are going to get exceptional products inside. I mean just look at the items above. If you're someone who travels often or just loves a stay-cay, I find the minis from advent calendars come in really handy too. It takes me ages to get through them and it's a great way to see if my skin loves something or, hates it, without then wasting a full size version. I really think the Space NK beauty advent calendar is a great way to find new favourites, try products you've always wanted to or stock up on holy grail faves. The majority of the items in here this year are exceptional! 

Sign up to get the Space NK Beauty Advent calendar. 

Lots of love, Em x

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