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Friday 21 December 2018

24 Important Life Lessons

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It's my birthday tomorrow, hooray! Last year I wrote a blog post with 23 things I'd learnt last year and I thought I'd do another one this year. Another year older, another year wiser (or not so). I always get a little nostalgic and deep during the festive season and during my birthday so today is the perfect day to publish this post and look at some things life has taught me this year. Here are 24 important life lessons life has taught me this year. 

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Life is short - First and foremost, life really is short. I think about how quickly this year has passed and it's actually scary. Not only is life short in that sense, but life is short in the sense that dreadful things happen every day to people. I think it's really important to live your life to the absolute max because you truly don't know what's around the corner. We are lucky to be here and breathing. Every day is a blessing. Squeeze your loved ones close, tell people how much you love them. Read my: being present in an online world post for more on this. 

Bread is life - Bread really is life, there's nothing I love more than nice bread. Give me a basket of sourdough with jam, two buttery slices of golden toast, a crispy French baguette... you get the drill. Carbs are not the enemy so enjoy your bread! 

Good bedding is key - If you watch my vlogs, you'll know that I just moved to a new place *finally* and wow, it's made me feel all 'adult' and really appreciate the finer things in life such as good toilet roll and good bedding - seriously. Invest in good bedding, you will not regret it. This week a huge parcel arrived from Christy and I've finally succeeded in life because my bed feels like a hotel bed. I've been lucky enough to stay in some incredible hotels around the world and all I've ever wanted is for my own bed to feel like a cloud-like hotel bed, I've finally accomplished that. I wake up and feel like I've been asleep on a cloud. There are certain things in life you should invest in and I'm a big fan of luxury bedding, towels and dressing gowns. Treat yourself. 

Getting a house is stressful - If you read my everything you need to know about buying or renting a house blog post you'll know that it's been an incredibly stressful year with buying/renting houses. I laughed when people told me it would be the most stressful thing I'll ever do but yup, they were right - buying AND renting are both so stressful. 

Brussel sprouts are not the enemy - I'd like to apologise to brussel sprouts because I've always assumed I hated them but they're actually delicious. When brussel sprouts are cooked right, they are divine, I'm telling you. I had some at a hotel called The Painswick earlier this week and they've set the bar seriously high. 

Amazon is god for deliveries - I've never really been a massive Amazon orderer but wow, since moving I've realised Amazon really is the creme de la creme when it comes to speedy delivery. You can even get same day?! Oh and the message they send you so you can track how many stops away the parcel is... I am now an Amazon addict. 

Tequila is my friend - I used to go to a night club called Tequila when I was at Uni and it most definitely put me off tequila. Earlier this year, to conquer jet lag in Orlando, I decided to go back to tequila and honestly, since? Some of my best nights have been down to tequila. Don't quote me on this, but apparently tequila is one of the only alcohols which isn't a depressant which could explain why instead of crying, tequila gives me such a good buzz. Now, I'm not telling you to suddenly start necking tequila every day, but it's definitely my fun drink. 

Workouts are the best for stress - I don't know how I lived without David Lloyd Blaze Classes. I started these classes this year and they've revolutionised my stress levels, my body and mind. I absolutely adore work outs for my stress anyway but now I've started Blaze classes I feel as if I have my life together. Blaze classes are basically hiit, strength and boxing and I'd do them every day if I could *they're tough, my body definitely wouldn't let me*. I go into the Blaze room with the weight of the world on my shoulders and truly leave so revived. 

I'm still a kid - When I was 18, I thought 20 was old, when I was 21, I thought 25 was old. I have friends of every age and honestly? Age is just a number. I truly feel like a kid still, my Mum helps me with so much and really, I'm happiest in my onesie with a hot chocolate. Don't feel pressured to have a kid, get married etc, people are on different paths and trust the timing of your life. 

Mum knows best - That takes me onto my Mama knowing best. My Mum really does know best and gives the best advice. Some of the best advice she's given me? If you don't know what to do, don't do anything at all, life has a funny way of figuring itself out. I truly don't know what I'd do without my Mum to guide me. 

You don't need someone else to fulfil you - Something I did realise this year is that you really don't need another person in your life to make you whole. I used to be and still am a little bit, scared of going to events etc alone but you really don't need to have someone by your side all the time. With boyfriends too, you really don't need someone. It's nice to have someone, but you are full and enough without them. Remember, you are your own person. 

Mute is your friend - My life has been so much more peaceful this year since I muted people who make me feel negative or people who have hurt me in the past. 

Stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t jump puddles for you - I put a lot of love into my friends and family and it can hurt so much when people don't give you that love and respect back. 

You gotta work hard in this life - Nothing in life comes easy, you really do have to work for what you want.

You can only rely on yourself - Don't rely on other people, try and make yourself independent enough to not need to have to rely on others. 

It's the little things - Life is about the little things, like giggling with my grandad, walking around my village with my mum, eating noodles at my favourite noodle bar and watching The Grinch with my boyfriend. 

Smoothies are good for the soul - Veg is good for you. I've been making smoothies every day and I LOVE the good vibes it gives my body. 

So is gin - Life is about balance so don't forget the gin too. I'm a sucker for a gin and tonic. 

I need more sleep - Sleep is really important and I really need to get more of it. 

I should have got a heated steering wheel - Haha, not a necessity but driving in the UK in winter is cold and I definitely need to get myself gloves or a heated steering wheel going forward... 

Maybe I’ll never like fishy fish - I love seafood but 2018 was not the year for me to like fishy fish. My Mum always said my tastebuds will change but not yet... 

Family are everything - Family really are everything. Squeeze them tight.

Leopard print is never going out of fashion - I've realised this year that trends just keep coming back around and around.

If I lower my expectations of others, I wont get as hurt - I always expect others to treat/love me, how I do with them but sadly I've realised I've gotta lower my expectations of others as I just end up getting hurt.

Sloane Square christmas

So there we have it, tequila, brussel sprouts and positive vibes for me over the next year! 

Lots of love, Em x

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