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Monday, 21 November 2016

How To Get The Best Black Friday Deals - Black Friday Sale Shopping Tips

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Hey guys! Today I’m here with an exciting post, yup, it’s that time again, it’s black Friday! Aka, the shopaholics dream. I'm sat here compiling the top Black Friday deals and also, lots of Christmas gift guides for you at the moment. Today though, some tips and tricks for you. The team at Groupon have kindly sponsored me to put together some tips and tricks to help survive the sales season.

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Now if you caught my blog post last year featuring the top Black Friday sales, (don’t worry, I’ll be doing another one this Black Friday, keep an eye out) then you’ll know that I’m all about grabbing an online bargain. For me, not only is the online world amazing because it’s opened so many doors and opportunities, but it’s also amazing because it means you can avoid the crowds and sit on your computer to find the best sales in the comfort of your own home, in pyjamas. Today I want to share my top tips on finding the best bargains this Black Friday.

- Get Comfortable - First up, get comfortable! Sale shopping, even online can be really stressful and there’s nothing worse than sitting there and getting stressed in tight jeans. I’d always recommend sitting there with something as comfortable as possible on, oh and lots of coffee… or wine if you prefer...

- Plan - You can make Black Friday less stressful by planning beforehand, e.g., if you have a budget, stick to it. If you have certain items you need to buy, make sure you head straight for those first or, have them ready in your basket so you get them first. Sometimes we end up buying things we don’t want just for the sake of it, because they’re in the sale. Check out what kind of Black Friday sales your favourite sites had last year and see if they’re worth visiting this year, read my best Black Friday sales post from 2016 to see what kind of discounts went ahead. Decide which places are really worth it. You can even save the links to your favourite items and then check them to see if they’ve gone into sale on Black Friday, ensuring you’re going to get exactly what you wanted!

- Wait - I always find myself waiting to buy things in November. We all know that around 80% of places are going to give us amazing Black Friday deals so I’d rather save my money and buy on Black Friday.

- Be Early - Some online shops start from midnight, so if you’re really keen, you can always grab a bargain then. Again, I know some shops start at separate times so you can always check online to see what time they started last year. I'll be here to help so make sure you're following me on Twitter: emshelx for constant Black Friday updates!

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I personally prefer staying at home rather than braving the elbowing crowds. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Groupon who have are running ‘SuperSales’, week long event for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Groupon is a really great place for a bargain and actually, somewhere I use on a daily basis, particularly when looking for trips. I have managed to get heavily discounted things in bulk, if you’ve read any of my easy healthy snacks blog posts you’ll know that Nak’d bars are my absolute favourite healthy snacks. They also do pretty epic trips, such as 7 day breaks to amazing places (including flights!). I’m probably going to look to snap one of these up on Black Friday.

I thought I’d put a few things I’m loving from the Groupon marketplace here to get you in the mood for some bargains but also, as a little Christmas gift guide! More gift guides coming really soon but I wanted to start of with this as most of the gifts on Groupon are things people would actually use and get value from, which is why I love experiences and bulk buying peoples favourite things.  

London Superyacht stay - This looks absolutely incredible, a stay on a superyacht in London? Yes please! Only £189!

A Stay In Iceland - A Stay in Iceland from only £199 including flights? Where can I sign up? I’ve always wanted to visit.

New York - I really miss New York so would love this trip, only £399 including flights and a hotel, how is that even possible?

America Road Trip - When I lived in Canada, I didn’t do as much as America as I’d have liked, this incredibly takes you to Las Vegas, NYC and Los Angeles all for just £699?!

As you can tell, most of my money would be going on travel! If you’re wanting an affordable trip, Groupon really do deliver, just make sure you book as soon as they come up to get the best offers. If travel isn’t for you, how about these below…

General Gifts:
Selections of Wines - Just don’t drink it all at once! Buying in bulk is so good on Groupon and it’s generally what I use it for. In my first year of University we bought toilet roll in bulk, sounds crazy but it saved us so much money!

Giant Toblerone - The perfect gift, if you’re unhappy about the size of the new Toblerones, this will certainly make up for it!

Campbells Winter Steak Pack - If you’re a meat eater, here’s another good way to save money!

Meal for 2 at Bodega Steakhouse - Something a little different for Christmas, a meal for 2 at a Brazilian steak restaurant, plus dessert!.

Blow Dry - If you’ve ever read any of my blog posts about how much I love getting a blow dry, you’ll know I’m addicted. They even sell blow dries on Groupon!

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Have you ever bought anything from Groupon? Do you have any top sales tips? Are you excited for more gift guides? Coming your way soon!

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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