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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

BAKE: Easy, Healthy Banana and Oat bites

banana and oat bite recipe

Hello! So a different one from me today, my first baking post, eek! I love baking, I always have and I always will, ever since discovering my Grandma's cookery book in the kitchen when I was little, I've been obsessed with baking. I'm not a professional or anything but I really needed to share these wonderful creations. I recently came across an amazing Instagram profile, a lady called 'LoniJane' who makes the most beautiful, healthy treats. I've been making lots of her lovely bits recently with my own added twists and first, I want to share with you these gorgeous banana bites. The great thing is, these are so so easy to make and hardly any ingredients are required! I hope you love them as much as I do. 

Banana and Oat bites:

You'll need:

- Bananas: 4
- Oats: around 250g
- Milk

(makes 9 big bites)

Optional things you can add:

Fruit and nut museli 
Icing sugar

Peel three bananas and mash them up...

Get mashing. I like to leave them quite chunky.

Add your oats, I throw in about 250g of them. I then tip in a bit of milk just to hold it together a little bit better. The original recipe doesn't use milk but I like to otherwise I find them a bit dry, feel free to add in an extra banana if you fancy it instead. 

I use semi-skimmed milk because it's got less fat in it.

If you want to add a bit more flavour to it, I like to add a handful of healthy museli (this means museli without loads of sugar in it - check the back of the packet, some museli's are ridiculously unhealthy). I like this one because it's full of coconut bits and nuts. 

Add a handful of sultanas too if you want them to be even more fruity... I love sultanas 

You don't have to do this, the orginal recipe doesn't include museli or sultanas but I personally prefer it with some fruityness in it. If you're a fitness enthusiast, now's the time to add some flaxseed if you fancy it.

Once it's all mixed up in the bowl, put it on a spoon and then blob it onto a baking tray

Make sure you buttered the baking tray so they don't stick. Flatten out your blob and you should be able to make around 9 big bites with the quantities I used.

Bake them in the oven for 15 minutes on 200 degrees. 

To finish, slice a banana...

add it to the top of each bite for that extra bit of freshness,

then sprinkle with icing sugar or drizzle them with honey - or both if you're feeling adventorous.

Tadaaa... enjoy your sweet, fruity, banana bites - like a healthy cookie without the calories or the guilty conscience! If you're being super healthy or don't have many ingredients, you can do the exact same but using only bananas and oats. Easy! 

These are best eaten straight from the oven (obviously leave them to cool for a minute or two!) - they're not very nice the morning after - most definitely something you should eat fresh! 

I hope you liked this kind of post from me, do let me know if you're liking my lifestyle posts!
Do you like the look of these? Do you know of any really easy healthy snacks to make? Would you try to make these? If you do, please send me photographs/tag me!

Lots of love, Em x

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  1. These are such a good idea! I usually buy bananas but always have to throw them cos I forget to eat them so will definitely be trying these out! I love how you need so little ingredients too. Would love to see more posts like this :)


    1. Eeek! Yes I do the same! xxx Aw, got lots lined up - thank you, so glad you like them xx

  2. Oh my word- these look incredible! Definitely going to give them a try :)x

  3. They look so yummy, I'm definitely bookmarking this recipe, thank you for sharing it xo

    Hannah Rose // Blog

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. After spotting these on your Instagram I am sooooo glad that you've done a recipe post. Definitely works well on your blog and soooooo tasty looking! Gx

    1. Yaaay! It would be rude not to! Aw thank you lovely xxx

  6. I've had these before and they are amazing! Need to make them again... Rebeka x

    Rebeka Taylor

  7. These look so so good! I found you through the Jack Wills Young Brits competition and have voted for you - good luck for it xx

  8. Gorgeous!!

    You could add protein powder too (oats, banana + protein = 3 ingredient protein cookies!!)


  9. This looks so very delicious. Must try this recipe soon.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  10. These look so yummy Em, might have to whip up a batch at the weekend for little Noah, he love banana's x

  11. I am definitely going to try these! They look delicious!

  12. I love recipes like this, they really kick the sugar chocolate cravings ! i have some healthy pudding recipes on my blog that you should have a look at if you like :)
    Lauren x
    Please nominate my blog for Best Lifestyle Blog and Newcomer here !
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

    1. Yay so glad you like it, yeah I agree - goodbye chocolate! They're just as sweet to be honest! Ah thank you, will go check those out immediately! x

  13. YUM! These look so good, I love this! Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna make these for mornings!
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

    1. Eek yay let me know when you first try them! Hope you love them! x

  14. These look great, I am going to try x

  15. These look yummy! Will definitely try these out this weekend :) xx

  16. these look delicious! I'm going to try these this weekend!

    Pineapples & Daisies

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    here on bloglovin and via GFC?
    Let me know, now it´s your turn.



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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