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Friday, 18 April 2014

The Best Pamper Products

I realised this week that I've never actually done a pamper post, how silly of me, after all, who doesn't love to be pampered? Everyone loves to be pampered, surely and even more so, when it's in the comfort of your own home. With it being a bank holiday weekend, I thought everyone would have the time to wind down and relax so hopefully this list of my favourite new pamper products should come in handy. I thought I'd put together a post featuring all my favourite new pampering goodies, you're in for a treat...

Malin+Goetz Geranium Leaf candle

1 - The Candle - Malin+Goetz Geranium Leaf - I was kindly sent this by Malin+Goetz earlier this month to have a play with and it's safe to say that I have been hooked ever since. You may have seen me raving about this on Instagram (@emshelx) because it just smells so nice and 'green', it's super fresh and I can't stop lighting it, it makes me feel so relaxed. I truly don't think it's a proper pamper sesh without a delicious candle, it's more than necessary, whether this is at the end of your bath or at the end of your desk, this candle will instantly calm you and make you feel revived. 

Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm

- The Hair Treatment - Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm - I've been lucky enough to try out some new products from Charles Worthington recently and I've got to say, the brand has come back with some incredible products. When pampering, I try to make sure once a week that I put a hair mask on before jumping in the shower or bath - this really revives my hair and I do think it's making my hair grow more too.  This month, I've been using this intense rescue balm, particularly on the ends of my hair. I leave it for an hour (it turns into an oil in your hands and then you slather it on the hair, to begin with it feels weird but I comb it through my hair and then it's evenly distributed) and tadaaaa, hello gorgeous hair, good bye split ends and dryness. This is £16.99 at Boots but if you get it on 3 for 2 it's more than worth it.

The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Wash

- The Exfoliator - The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Wash - Oh my golly gosh, this smells like a jar of raspberry jam, I keep making all my friends smell this and every time I get the same 'oh my gosh' reaction. This truly smells incredible, good enough to eat, unfortunately, it isn't edible. Every pamper session needs a good exfoliator and every pamper session needs a product which will leave the pamperer (that's you) feeling extremely smelly (good smelly) and this is the perfect product for this. Thank you to The Body Shop for letting me try these new releases, this is just immense and every single month The Body Shop seem to be outdoing themselves with their amazing new products. You must go into your nearest store and smell this immediately, it's truly amazing - I've never smelt such an amazing body product. All hail The Body Shop. Their products are truly unbeatable. 

Sanctuary Spa Nourishing Shower Creme

- Shower Creme - Sanctuary Spa Nourishing Shower Creme - I don't know if it's just me that likes to use more than one smelly when pampering, but after the exfoliating is done, treat your skin with this Sanctuary Spa nourishing shower creme, I always like to drench my skin in something silky and moisturising after scrubbing away at it. (Can you tell how much I'm loving Sanctuary Spa at the moment?!- Why haven't I used their products before!!!) This is blended with essential oils to help relax and calm, just what I need when pampering, something to get me ready for bed and help me relax. Thank you to Sanctuary Spa for introducing me to your new products.

Soap and Glory Dual Use bath and shower Body Wash

 - The Body Wash – Soap and Glory Dual-Use Shower and Bath Body WashI love to wash myself in the shower, erm obviously – but the reason that this is so good is because firstly, IT’S HUGE and PINK – two reasons to love it already and we haven’t even got onto the product itself yet. Next, like all Soap and Glory products, this smells incredible, truly, it really does. Another thing, you can use this in the bath and the shower, meaning that its perfect for a quick pamper or a long bubbly bath. Lathering my body with this makes me feel the softest, silkiest and smoothest I've ever been, this really is a complete treat for the skin. Give me something pink, that smells nice and that makes my skin feel amazing in the shower and I’m sold. Thank you Soap and Glory for being fabulous once again.

Sanctuary Spa Comforting Night Butter

- Body Butter - Sanctuary Spa Comforting Night Butter I am so glad that I've been introduced to Sanctuary Spa because truly, this is an incredible brand. I always used to walk past their gift sets in Boots and I have no idea why, I didn’t actually realise that they even did singular products and I am so glad that I've realised that they do. I am a really bad sleeper so I needed this, I prefer showering in the evening and I have been applying this just before bed, after my shower and this really has helped me get to sleep better, it truly is ‘comforting’. This doesn't feel as thick and skin-firming as The Body Shop's body butters but it does it's comforting job and it smells so beautiful and relaxing. 

 Dove Summer Glow

- The Subtle Glow - Dove Summer Glow - My holy-grail natural tan, my Palmer's Cocoa Butter recently ran out so I have moved onto my trusty Dove Summer Glow. Twice a week I make sure I put a gradual tanning moisturiser on just so that I have a bit of colour and nice glow. I recently wrote an easy tanning tips post if you want to give that a read but I swear by applying a gradual tanner at least once a week, it makes me feel slimmer, happier and mainly, it really makes me glow and gives me a confidence boost. 

English Dawn White Gardenia Fragrance By The Body Shop

- The Fragrance - English Dawn White Gardenia Fragrance By The Body Shop - I have been using my English Dawn White Gardenia fragrance every day since receiving this new release from The Body Shop. This is such a beautiful, fresh, happy and Spring-ready fragrance, I just can't get enough, I am gutted that it's limited edition because I want this in my life forever. The perfect Spring perfume. 

- The Hair Oil - Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment - I am trying to grow my hair, so as well as putting on a treatment prior to washing, I always put Macadamia healing oil through my hair afterwards before blow drying, it speeds up drying time by up to 50% (it really does) but also really does nourish my damaged hair. I am obsessed with Macadamia, it is the ultimate hair care brand. I just can't get enough of it but unfortunately my supplies are running extremely low so I need to have a save up and buy this set from FeelUnique, £41.00 and it contains everything a girl who's trying to strengthen her hair could dream of.

I hope you liked this little pamper edit! I absolutely adore pampering and can't wait for a big, bubbly Easter bath this Sunday. What are your favourite pampering products? Do you like the look of any of these products? Have you had a pamper session lately? Have you tried any of the above? Please tell me which pamper products you're loving at the moment so I can treat myself next time!

Lots of love, Em x

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  1. Some fab things to add to the wishlist!

  2. I'm using that Soap & Glory shower gel at the moment (not right this minute) and love it too :)

    Victoria | SocialVix

    1. Haha, not right now whilst reading blogs but I know what you mean! xxx

  3. That raspberry body wash looks amazing, i bet it smells fab!

  4. great selection of products!! love soap and glory

    This Girl Loves Chic


  5. I don't like Macadamia Huile :(


  6. Being pampered is definitely a good thing. All of these products look so wonderful!

  7. as I know, you live in the UK, as do I and I really struggle finding Macadamia products I just never seem to see their brand anywhere?

    Sarah -

    1. Ah really? My hairdresssers (XS Hair) sells it and then Harvey Nichols sells it :) xx

  8. All of these products look amazing!

    Georgia | BeautyInsideArt

  9. I love some of your products, especially the Spa Sanctuary things. I am a massive fan of them :).

    1. I truly adoreee Sanctuary spa! glad you agree xxx



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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