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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Date Night: Sukhothai Restaurant Review

Date night is my favourite night, particularly when it's at a nice restaurant. I love restaurants, I'm such a foodie as most of you will know by now and a restaurant which I have always loved, is Sukhothai. I was very excited to re-visit their Leeds South Parade branch earlier this week. I first visited Sukhothai for my brother's graduation, I visited again on Valentines day and ever since, have been craving another meal at this authentic and delicious restaurant... Let's see how my night went...


We were greeted by a lovely man at the door and asked if we'd like a drink at the bar. I went for a non-alcoholic cocktail because I'm still trying to be healthy so didn't really see the point in drinking alcohol. (You can read about my healthy eating here).


thai prawn crackers

We ate Thai prawn crackers as we sat and chatted at the bar, I always love having a little nibble before my meal in a restaurant because I'm usually so hungry, the wait for food is too much sometimes so I need a little something to keep me alive.

suk hot thai leeds

Suk Hot Thai

We were seated after about 15 minutes, it was a Tuesday night and the restaurant was really busy - it's always the sign of a good restaurant when it's so busy mid-week. I really enjoy the interior of Sukhothai , beautiful statues everywhere, I had to take a photo of this cheeky one above for you.

We looked at the menu at the bar so already knew what we were having, we decided to share the meat sharing starter - I personally would have gone for the platter which includes spring rolls and chicken fried bread, but I always decide what we have to eat so for once, I took a back seat and Jack made a good choice. The meat was delicious, maybe not something you'd have on a first date, it was quite hard to eat, that's the nature of chicken skewers but it's lovely to be able to share a starter, I am a huge fan of sharing starters which come with a little bit of everything on the plate and always opt for them when they're on the menu.

It was time for another cocktail, I hate this photo of me but felt I needed to include one. My dress is actually from Ebay believe it or not - quite a few of you asked after I posted it on instagram the other day (find me on instagram here or 'emshelx'), I bought it years ago from a shop on there and haven't worn it since, I thought this was the perfect night to finally wear it.  I love my nude nail varnish, it's a Leighton Denny shade (honey trap) which I just can't get enough of. My lipstick is Clarins, I reviewed the beautiful Spring range from Clarins here.

This may as well have been called the princess cocktail, it was delicious, fruity and PINK. My dream.

The mains arrived promptly. I went for 'Gata Lon' which is chicken (or beef if you wish), stir-fried with garlic, black pepper, lime leaves, oyster sauce, lemongrass, onion, fresh chilli and crispy basil, served on sizzling hot platter. I really just fancied something quite hot but something with lots of onion and garlic too so this was the perfect dish for me. It was actually so difficult to choose what to eat, the menu is literally huge - usually I dislike such big menus, but this is great because there really is something for everyone. 

weeping tiger steak

Jack went for the 'Weeping Tiger', sirloin steak, grilled Thai-style and served on a sizzling hot platter with special sauce. Seriously, Jack always goes for steak, everywhere - and this was up to his standards so it must have been good. I did have a bit and it was really delicious.

I ordered some noodles to go with my main and me and Jack shared them.

Jack got some jasmine rice which comes inside a banana leaf - how cute. I love the presentation.

The conversation stopped as we devoured out meals. I had a bit of a meat overload after having so much meat for starter.

We ended up just sharing our mains in the end because they were both so delicious, this is what I love about Thai food, you don't have to just stick to a main each and feel rude for crossing the table and sharing, you can literally pile everything in the middle and enjoy it all together.

fried banana

For some crazy reason, we still had room for dessert, Jack went for fried banana, oh my gosh - we both had such an issue choosing which desserts to go for because honestly, Sukhothai have the best dessert menu I've ever seen! I am absolutely obsessed with sweet treats and their dessert menu was truly like heaven to me. 

green tea ice cream

As you'll know if you read my health tips blog post, I love green tea so naturally, I had to try a scoop of the green tea ice cream. I asked if it would be possible to just try one scoop, rather than buying 3 scoops  as I didn't have room in my stomach for 3 and the waitress said of course - she was so helpful. It does say on the menu that you can let the waitress know your specific requirements and because everything is cooked fresh, they can make anything that you want/that suits you - I think that's really good and means that Sukhothai really do cater for everyones needs.

thai pancakes

Onto my dessert, oh my gosh - I went for Thai custard pancakes and what a treat they were. I could live on these, I really wasn't expecting what came, it was delicious and came oozing with a kind of rice pudding filling, so creamy and not sickly at all.

As the restaurant died down and it got later, me and Jack decided to head off, extremely full but extremely satisfied.

I couldn't not take a photo of these adorable statues which are at the entrance. 

I had a lovely date night at Sukhothai and it really is somewhere that I'd highly recommend if you're wanting authentic, good food. My family love it too. The atmosphere in Sukhothai is really nice, whilst we were tucked away in the corner, which I liked, there was still such a good, vibrant atmosphere and the staff really couldn't do enough for us. Thai food is the kind of food which satisfies you, but doesn't leave you feeling horrifically full (okay, maybe if you eat as much as I did but if you pace yourself, you'll be fine). The service was outstanding, the food was outstanding and the decor is just magical, it gets me really excited to visit Thailand someday. First stop, Vietnam this Easter! Bring it on!

Do you like Thai food? Have you ever eaten at Sukhothai? Do you like the look of this?

For more food recommendations/food reviews, see my food section here.

Lots of love, Em x

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  1. i love thai food so much, there's a local pub my friend manages and it serves the best thai ever ! this place looks amazing and so delicious :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -
    Vote for my blog here !

    1. Ahhh as if they do thai at a pub, that is soo cool! xxx

  2. Ahh I've never actually tried Thai before, but this post made me so so hungry! That green tea ice cream looks amazing (:

    Dribbling all over the keyboard now!
    Love from Ellis / ELRBX / beauty & lifestyle blog x

    1. Oh my gosh as if you've never tried Thai! xx

  3. I LOVE all of the Thai food I've tried, but I've never actually been to a Thai restaurant. The woes of having a boyfriend who is a fussy eater!

    This has really inspired me to go, though - I think I'll have to drag a friend into a little dinner date somewhere here in Bristol ;)

    Emily x -

    1. Eeeek you MUST go to a Thai restaurant, it's so so sooo good - as you can tell haha! yesss you must, or come down to Leeds! xxx

  4. Wah! I want some ice-cream as it's one of my favourite things ever. It looks delicious X


  5. This looks seriously good! I'm hungry now. :)

  6. Wow the food/drinks look incredible I noticed a few pics on your instagram and they look delicious! lovely photos too! xx

    p.s I have also included your blog in my blogroll just love it! x

    1. Aww thank you so glad you think it looks goodd eeek! aw wow thank you so sosooo much gonna check that out now! xxx

  7. This looks amazing Em, I've never heard of it but need to check it out. I do love your bar and restaurant reviews, especially seen as we're both from Leeds! xx


    1. Awww thank you - hope you go and try it too eek! xxx

  8. Everything looks so delicious! What a lovely evening <3

  9. This look AMAZING! Is this your first date with Jack? I didn't know since you mentioned the starter wasn't good for first dates. I'm thinking now that my boyfriend and I need to set up a "date night"- look so fun!


    1. Thank you - it really was! Oh no we've been together for ages, i just thought for people going on a date night it wouldn't be a good option for a first date, or not the most womanly option anyway haha!

      Yes date nights are so so fun! xxx

  10. The green crepes look so cool!

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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