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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Him; Male Christmas Gift Guide

So you may have read my Christmas gift guide for her, now you've had a look at that you should have a faint idea of what to buy yourself, your Mum, Grandma, Boyfriend's Mum, Auntie, Best Friend, Girlfriend (the list goes on) it's time to get to the hard bit, shopping for HIM. Now if you're a boy reading this and don't have a clue what to ask for this Christmas, luckily, you can also use this gift guide to give you some inspiration, but if you're here because you're looking to find something for your boyfriend, Dad, Brother, Grandad, Bestfriend or any other male then hopefully this list will inspire you and give you some help. There are SO many things out there at the moment so it's pretty difficult to filter through the rubbish and find good presents, here we go, it's the ultimate mens gift guide, I think I've covered everything...

1 - A Wallet - I personally think a wallet is always a great present for men, what man doesn't want a new wallet? Usually their pride and joy and a centre piece for their style, a little accessory is all it takes to put a huge smile on his face. I love the one pictured on number 1, from Hervia, this Comme Des Garcons Wallet is simple and I really can't see why someone wouldn't like it. Hervia have so many gorgeous wallets and Christmas gifts actually for men, I found it quite hard to choose which ones I liked best. Wallets do tend to be quite expensive, this one is £55.00 which is quite reasonable for a designer wallet, All Saints also usually do really nice ones too for about £35.00.

2 - Sophisticated Smellies -  Most men like to smell nice and I love this kit from The White Company. There are so many good smellies out there and they're pretty cheap too. I didn't realise that The White Company did mens stuff but now I know, I'll be shopping there more often when it comes to buying gifts for the men in my family - we all want to smell nice right?

3 - Matching Fragrances?! - If you want to treat him to a different kind of fragrance, I absolutely love this duo from Korres, I found it on the Harvey Nichols website and I got a bit excited because you could get your boyfriend a matching perfume as they do similar ones for girls, or you could buy your Mum and Dad a matching set. I think this saffron and amber set is gorgeous looking (it will look great in your bathroom too) but also, it's so cheap! I can't believe it's only £30.00, I kind of want to buy a few of the girls ones so that I can line them all up in my bathroom. Korres is such a great brand, they have some amazing Christmas gift sets.

4 - Quirky Things - I think sites like ASOS and Not On The Highstreet sell so many cute, unique things. I also recommend IWantOneOfThose, it sells the ultimate male gifts. Not On The Highstreet does tend to be very expensive and most of their gifts you can actually find on the highstreet so before you buy anything from their site, check the rest of google first, it's a good site to get gift ideas from though.

5 - Books - I've seen some really good books on ASOS, I personally love the 'Stuff Every Man Should Know' book. I know a lot of boys who like reading so I do think a nice little book is quite a nice gift idea.

6 - Boots 3 for 2 - If you're looking for more reasonable priced smelly things, head to Boots, they have some incredible gift sets, I absolutely love their Ted Baker sets, my favourite one is their £25.00 shaving set, literally such a good gift set (I've seen it in the flesh), I also love the Soap and Glory gift sets for men, so quirky and different. Anything from Boots is particularly good because if you buy two things from there you get another gift set free (you could always choose something and keep it for yourself). 

7 - Skin sets - If the lucky man likes looking after his skin, Clarins, Clinique and most other beauty brands do really good Christmas sets, usually including a wash bag too. I love this Clinique Great Skin For Him gift set, at £30.00 it comes complete with everything he needs to groom his skin plus a gorgeous wash bag!

8 - Chocolate - If he likes chocolate, why not get him some nice chocolatey treats?  You can customize your own Dairy Milk bar here which I think is a really nice idea, or HotelChocolat have some pretty epic Christmas gifts, I love the huge Christmas cracker even if it is a little bit on the extravagant side. 

9 - Shaving Kits - I love all of the exciting shaving kits which are around, as mentioned, Boots have some really good ones. Photo 9 is the incredible Ted Baker shaving set which I've linked to above.

10 - More Chocolate - Thorntons and HotelChocolat do some cute, cheap little chocolate sets. I love Tiddlypots for the younger chocolate lover and I love the chocolates which you can personalize at Thorntons

11 - A Washbag - If you're not wanting to buy a gift set which comes with a wash bag, a lot of brands sell some really nice wash bags, I think this is a nice gift for a man who likes to travel/keep all of his toiletries neat. I love this Ted Baker wash bag and All Saints usually do some gorgeous leather ones too.

12 - An Electronic Cigarette - This is a bit of a different gift but I think it's really good for anyone who's wanting to stop smoking and also, one of the best priced electronic cigarettes that I've ever seen. I like the electronic cigarettes from Vype, electronic cigarettes are kind of the in thing at the moment and it looks like they're here to stay. I personally just think this is a really nice, thoughtful gift for someone who maybe wants to limit their smoking. I like the look of this starter kit and might even buy my Grandad it. 

13 - A Onesie - Onesies are just the best things for Winter, my brother has one and used to wear it all the time at Uni as it's so cold. Primark do some really well priced ones but if he's wanting one which is a bit warmer and better quality, I love the OnePiece ones, I can honestly see why people pay so much for them, they are the cosiest most incredibly comfy and warm onesies I have ever tried.

14 - A Scarf - I always think a nice scarf is a good Christmas gift for the fashionable man, I love Ralph Lauren Scarves and I've generally fallen in love with this Givenchy scarf from Hervia, it's expensive but just so so gorgeous if money isn't an object.

15 - Designer Fragrance - Most men like aftershave and like I said on my gift guide for her, Christmas is a great time to buy aftershave and perfume because you get a lot for your money.
My favourite men's aftershaves are Tom Ford - Black Orchid, Chanel - Bleu De Chanel and Marc Jacobs - Bang. I love this Versace gift set from BeautyBase if you're looking for affordable designer aftershave, particularly because it comes with a washbag too.

16 - Clothing - Most people like clothes, so why not buy him some new trainers or some new clothes? I love ASOS when it comes to clothing for men, they literally have everything that anyone could ever want.

17 - Cosy Stuff - As girls, we love to be cosy but what about men? Surely they don't want to be uncomfortable for the whole of Christmas? I've already mentioned onesies but if he's not a onesie kind of guy, how about some nice new PJs or a nice bath robe? I love Calvin Klein when it comes to nice male PJs, Ralph Lauren also sell some gorgeous pyjamas but if you're looking for something more affordable, Topman, Asos and Camille sell some gorgeous cosy gifts, I love this dressing gown from Camille
Most of the stuff on the photo above has been stolen from my brothers bedroom in an effort to try and photograph some good gift ideas for any man this year, where the product is a press sample, I will put an asterisk*.

For He Who Likes Alcohol - Alexander&James sell some incredible gift sets for any man, whether it's an older gentleman who likes his whisky, a younger man who likes his vodka or even a lady who likes to make cocktails, Alexander&James are the go-to website when it comes to alcohol buying this Christmas. I love the presentation of the gift sets, I can't believe how good it looks, the above is the Johnnie Walker Platinum gift set*, complete with a platinum ice cube, pretty cool huh?

- If He Likes It Spicy - I found this in my brother's room and it made me think that buying men things out of the ordinary is sometimes a good idea, why not find him some extra hot chocolate or if he's a Uni student, buy him some new extra hot sauce for when he's cooking.

- Designer Deodorant - I absolutely love Q Deodorant* and I've featured it quite a lot on my blog, as if the girls ones aren't good enough, the mens ones are even better, this is the up market answer to Impulse body spray, without the price tag, you can get this from Superdrug for around £2.00 which is very good. Please go and smell this for yourself!

- Treats From Lush - Also found in my brothers room were these exciting little pots from Lush, I bought him the Lush Shower Jelly and Shaving Cream quite some time ago as I just think they're quirky little gifts.

- Hair Gel - Boys always seem to run out of hair gel/wax, so if you're buying for someone who's into hair, why not treat him to a few pots of hair gel?

- Aftershave - As mentioned before, aftershave, these are two of my favourite male scents.

- Shaving Sets - Ah this shaving set from Refinery* is just next level, it's so beautiful and elegant, perfect for a man who likes a little pamper. I couldn't believe how gorgeous the packaging was for a male product range. You can check out some more Refinery stuff here.

- More Alcohol - I thought this was probably more for the younger male, but for example I bought my brother some Grey Goose vodka to drink whilst at Uni as I thought it was a nicer gift than buying the standard Smirnoff.

- The Best Shaving Kit - I got so excited when this landed in the post, the Bluebeard's Revenge shaving kit* is literally the ultimate shaving kit for men and actually women too, this comes complete with everything he could ever want (apart from the razor which you can buy separately) it claims to give it's users the best shave of their life AND was voted FHM's best male grooming product so it must be pretty good. I showed my brother this and he has begged me to buy him a set for Christmas so I feel like quite a lot of men would get excited over this. The Bluebeards Revenge starter kit is only £19.99 which I think is pretty epic.

Other gift ideas for him:

-       Meat – Take him for some food! Make him an ‘all you can eat voucher’ and take him to his favourite restaurant, with my boyfriend, I’d take him for a steak at Gaucho or a burger at Reds True BBQ. This would work for men too, you’d be a great daughter/son if you took your Dad out for some good grub, after all, we all love food.
-       A weekend away – You could always organise a ‘lads weekend’ for him and his friends, send them to Amsterdam or something but if you want to do something that benefits you too, how about a nice romantic break in the city? Even though boys wont admit it, I’m sure they also love travelling, why not take him to somewhere like Brazil to see the football. Me and my Mum found some ridiculously cheap flights to Paris on CheapFlights so maybe have a look there for your trip away.
-       Football/Concert/Sporting tickets – If I could afford it, I’d most definitely buy the best man in my life some tickets to see the world cup in Brazil, dreaming but that would be a pretty awesome present. Maybe tickets to go and see his favourite band/DJ instead.
-       Socks – All men always get socks for Christmas (my Dad used to anyway) now I’m not sure whether they actually like them, but they pretend to and it’s quite a nice little cosy stocking filler.
-       DIY Tools – Some men, particularly Dads, like to be handy men, so why not buy him a new tool box, some new screwdrivers or even some new ladders? My Dad thrives off new drills and all things masculine, it’ll keep him occupied throughout the festive season (more mince pies for you).
-       Tickets to see a comedian – If he’s the funny type, why not buy him tickets to go and see a comedian? I’d love to see Michael Mcintyre live! If he’s more of the spooky type, take him to see a hypnotist like Darren Brown.
-       An adventure – Look online and book him a trip to do something that he’s always wanted to do, how about sky diving, bungee jumping or flying a helicopter? For my brothers birthday we bought him an experience day where he drove 5 supercars, he loved it, it’s always a great gift.

So there we have it, I literally cannot think of anything else that you could get him, I'd love to know if you have any more ideas, just leave a comment below.

What are you buying your Dad/Grandad/Boyfriend/Brother or whoever else this Christmas? Don't forget to check out my Christmas Gift Guide for her and my own Christmas wishlist, just incase you've still not chosen what you want for Christmas this year yet!

Love Em x
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  1. I'm OBSESSED with this entire list! This is hands down the best guys gift guide I've seen thus far! I never thought about lush products for a guy but what a good idea!

    Carly; sundays grace

  2. Great list! Oooo lush products for guys! Such a good idea! ASOS have some fab gifts for guys too!

    1. i loveee lush for guys! yeah cant believe how good asos is! x

  3. What a great guide, this helped a lot!
    love victoriajanex

  4. Oooh there's some fab gift ideas here :) I struggle so much for presents ideas for men but I think I'm going get some of the things you have mentioned like the Lush products for my boyfriend x

  5. Best gift guide for guys I've seen yet! My boyfriend is such a pain to buy for so this was definitely a help! I love the idea of getting him something from Lush because he's always (not so secretly) intrigued by all the smellies I get from there :)

    A few years ago I got my boyfriend a tool box, filled the see-through top with nails and screws and then filled the rest of it with sweets, his face was a picture when he opened it!

    Hannah x x

    1. Ahhh that such a good idea seriouslllyyy!!!! i might do something like that haha x

  6. I love how you included alcohol. I completely agree!!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  7. I giggled when I read the Bluebeard's Label. I think I'd get that just as a gag gift because it's so funny. XD

  8. great guide it helps me a lot
    Leather wallets online

  9. This is such a thorough round up, it must have taken you forever! My dad and boyfriend are ridiculously hard to buy for!


    1. haha it did but worth it! it's helped me out! x

  10. such a nice guide ! gives me a lot of ideas :) LOVE your blog my dear !! i am following your blog :) hopefully u do the same :) xx

  11. All are fun gifts for men, but i like the most "The Best Shaving Kit" it's perfect in any occasion.



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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