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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Autumn and Winter Lip Colours; Lip Inspiration

Winter is here, the leaves are falling and it's getting colder, today it is literally freezing. I'm guessing that these spurts of sunshine aren't going to last much longer so shortly, it will be time to really get into the Winter swing. Something which I adore about the season of Autumn is the colours, deep reds, purples and beautiful nudes seem to take over the world. I've rounded up my favourite Autumn and Winter lipsticks this year and also made a wishlist of the lipsticks which I'd like to add to my collection...

First up in my collection is Burberry. It had to be didn't it? If you haven't already read my review of my favourite Burberry products, you can read that here. Burberry lipsticks, like Burberry as a brand are just timeless and elegant. The packaging is to die for and the colours never cease to amaze me.

My favourite lipstick of the year is probably Burberry's new trench colour: no.26 - It is literally the best lipstick that I own in terms of colour, it makes my lips look bigger simply because it's a shade darker than your standard nude so instead of doing what most nude lipsticks do and making your lips look smaller, I find that this really emphasises my lips. Look out for this featuring on the blog again very soon as I can't get enough of it.

Top: Burberry Soft Satin Lipstick  (no. 206) in Nude Cashmere. As you can see, it's a touch darker than your standard nude colour but it's still got a lovely satin finish to it. Middle: Burberry Lip Velvet (no. 304) in Redwood - I think this is a really nice subtle colour for Autumn, it isn't too dark but it still defines the lips, this has more of a matte finish to it. The final swatch is Burberry's Lip Cover in Brick Red (no.19) this is such a beautiful vibrant red but at the same time, it strays away from being too much of a Christmas/festive red colour and is blended with beautiful deep/Autumn tones.
I love Dr. Hauschka, this brand is big on making natural beauty and skin products. I bought so many family members products from the Dr.Hauschka range last year (Harvey Nichols) and actually very well priced for such beautiful gifts. This Autumn Dr. Hauschka haven't disappointed with this beautiful lip colour. 

Bottom: Dr. Hauschka's Lipstick Novum (no. 10) - If you're like me and you want to get in the Autumn spirit without feeling like you're dressing up for Halloween (I love deep purples but I'm not sure that I could ever pull them off and don't really have the confidence to wear them on a day to day basis) then this is the colour for you. I love the light yet burnt orange tones of this particular lipstick and I also adore the hint of shimmer. I think this is the perfect Bonfire night lip colour.

Lush Snow Fairy Lip Tint - This is one that I've had for a while (as you can tell by how dirty it is). It's probably not my favourite lip balm as it doesn't really moisturise at all, but in terms of lip tint, I think this gives the lips a gorgeous rosy glow, without being as bright as it is in the packaging. This gets a huge thumbs up from me because it smells so good. I am obsessed with all things Snow Fairy.

The Body Shop Lipgloss - Never under estimate lip glosses when it comes to choosing your Autumn lip shade. You don't have to wear a deep purple or dark red, I'm currently obsessing over lip glosses. I find that pretty, sparkly colours work really well in Autumn. I love this particular lipgloss from the Bodyshop, it perfectly fulfils my need for a hint of sparkle before we're into the Christmas season.

I have always been a fan of Becca lipsticks. I love their ultimate matte finish lipsticks and I'm forever scoping them out when I enter my local Space NK store. 'Josephine' is a beautiful and quite dramatic red colour whilst 'Adele' is more of a deep fuchsia. These colours look so different on the photo above as opposed to when they're swatched below.
Above are swatches of all the lipsticks mentioned. The top three being Burberry, then Dr. Hauschka, you can then see a hint of Lush Snowfairy and the bottom two colours are by Becca. As you can see, the Becca colours are extremely vibrant. I think my favourite out of all of these has to be Burberry's Nude Cashmere, just because I'm more of a nude girl. As you can see, my Autumn lip collection is tiny compared to my Summer Lip Collection so I've decided that I need to purchase some more lipsticks in the next few months. 

Me wearing Lord & Berry's orange lipstick.

Me wearing Lord & Berry lipstick in red.

Me wearing Estee Lauder's lipstick in nude with Bodyshop lipgloss over the top, which I love.

Above is my moodboard and inspiration for lip colours this Autumn/Winter, here are some of the shades that I want to get my hands on. I almost purchased the whole L'Oreal website when I saw how many incredible new lipsticks they have out. Nars as always has some fantastic Autumn lipsticks.
Finally, I thought I'd leave a few photos of lip inspiration above. I am in love with Pinterest and I'm forever pinning my favourite beauty looks (find me here) so I had to share some of these photos with you. It's made me very tempted to try out a purple lip. The nude colour in the middle is actually my favourite Burberry Cashmere lipstick. 

Are you a lipstick lover or do you play it safe? What shades are you loving this Autumn/Winter? 
Lots of love, Em x


  1. Love the packaging and design of the Burberry lipsticks! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  2. I love how much effort you put into all of your posts :) And you've just made my wishlist even longer... ;)


    1. aw thank you Sophie, yeah this one took a while hehe xxx

  3. Those becca lipsticks look really nice! Such gorgeous shades and they look so creamy & pigmented!

    sundays grace blog

    1. yeah sooo creamy. Becca is such a gorgeous brand!x

  4. Love those dark berry lips and the packing of the burberry lipsticks!

    Greetings from London,

  5. Burberry lipsticks are so beaut - I love redwood! x

    1. burberry is just perfect eek glad you agree! x

  6. I love deep berry tones! Burberry lipsticks are sooooo nice.
    My favourite lipstick atm is defo MAC's rebel!
    alicekatex ♥

    1. Berry is amaaazing. Ah im gonna check out macs rebel! x

  7. Nice post <3

  8. The lipsticks look incredible !

  9. all so lovely! I want a dark burgundy lipstick but can't seem to find it! can you help me? :)

    1. ahhh ermmm Loreal have thousands! I have lots of dark burgundy ones from Burberry too! x

  10. beautiful make-up ! love dark lipsticks !
    lots of love, from Holland

  11. I'm really into bold dark lips lately! I've just purchased MAC Rebel & MAC Diva and I'm obsessed with both!
    Lovely Notions

    1. Me too, absolutely loving them, also guilty of over wearing my orange one too much thought too haha! Eek need to go buy some mac ones! x

  12. All the lipsticks look gorgeous on you, really love all the wintery shades x


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