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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For Her: Female Gift Guide

Well it looks like Christmas has come early in my house, I have been stocking up on exciting new Christmas releases and gifts especially for this post. I've also been noting down anything gift-worthy that I've seen in stores and online so this post also includes a huge list of other things that I am loving as gifts this Christmas. I absolutely love writing gift guides and this one was particularly hard to write as there is just so much amazing stuff on the market at the moment, you really are going to have some fun Christmas shopping this year. Without further ado, I welcome you to my ultimate Christmas gift guide, for her...

I'm going to keep you waiting for a bit, before we get to my photos, it's time to talk you through my favourite gifts this Christmas from the collage above.

[1] If She's A Cracker - I saw these Clarins Beauty Crackers on the Selfridges website and got a little bit excited, how incredible?!  At £39.00 they're pretty expensive, probably too expensive to share so why not let her keep all 6 for herself? Inside each one is a special Clarins Beauty Treat.

[2] If She Loves Face And Body Care - I saw this Korres Rose and Shine gift set in my local Harvey Nichols and was so surprised when I saw that it's only £12.00. I am a huge fan of Korres, I absolutely love their moisturisers and this set is just perfect for she who likes to take care of her face and body, it includes a wild rose face mask, wild rose 24-hour cream and a Japanese rose shower gel and body butter. Quite a lot for £12.00 I do believe. Perfect for anyone who loves travelling too as the items are perfectly travel sized. 

[3] If She Likes To Indulge - I dragged my boyfriend into Hotel Chocolat the other day as I just love the shop, they always sell the most luxurious chocolates and my eyes instantly fell onto these Oysters and Champagne chocolates. I think that this is the perfect gift for anyone glamorous even if they do look too good to eat.

[4] If She Likes Hand Cream - I think this Laura Mercier Bath & Body Hand Cream Sampler gift set is ideal for any beauty lover, particularly for someone who likes to try new things, it means she can try four different scents. My Grandma loves hand creams, so she would adore this. At £20.00, I think this is quite well priced for such a high-end brand.

[5] If She Needs A Signature Scent - I read somewhere that every woman needs a signature scent, what better time than to buy her one than Christmas. My favourite perfume is Flowerbomb with Jour D'Hermes in a close second. Korres sell some gorgeous perfume sets (you can even get matching ones for boys - cute!) I love the Korres White Tea,Bergamot and Freesia, for only £30.00, it makes it quite a lot cheaper than most other perfume sets. I usually try to go for perfume sets which come with a free gift, such as a make up bag as over Christmas you can save so much money on them. Beautybase is a great place to start if you're looking for low-priced but good perfume.

[6] If She's A Candle Lover - If she loves candles, there's only one place to visit, obviously that would be The White Company. I love their new Winter candles, they smell absolutely divine. You can get their Winter candles from only £10.00, which would make an incredibly well priced but luxurious gift.

[7] If She's Going To Be Kissing Underneath The Mistletoe - Look no further than this gorgeous 'Mistletoe must-have' gift set from Bliss.  You can buy this from Marks and Spencers and I've seen it in Harvey Nichols too. Basically, this set will ensure that the recipient always has the juiciest lips and the smoothest hands. Currently available for only £10.00 on the Bliss website.

[8] If She's A Cosy Kinda Girl - Recently I fell in love with these gloves from UGG (they don't look very special on photos, but in real life they are simply incredible), unfortunately, at £125.00 I'd never even expect anyone to buy them for me, I will wait, hope and pray that they go into the sale, they are incredible though and I simply had to include them. 

[9] If She Likes To Save Her Pennies - Every girl needs a purse to save all their pennies and cards in, so why not get a purse this year? I am lusting over this one from Aspinal but again, I'll probably wait until it goes into the sale. There are loads of other places which sell equally nice purses, my favourite brands include Kate Spade, Mulberry and Saint Laurent (If only I had £300 for a purse). 

[10] If She's Outgoing, Energetic and Bubbly - If she loves all things from Benefit, then this ones for her. I think this Benefit Crescent Row Fragrance Set is quite outgoing as Benefit as a brand are really exciting, bubbly and energetic. I absolutely love this box of four perfumes, I think they'd look absolutely gorgeous displayed in a bathroom or a bedroom. It's only £20.00 too!

[11] If She Likes To Mix It Up - This one is for the pamper queens. I absolutely love all of the Christmas gift sets in Boots but this has to be the Queen of all pamper sets. Soap And Glory's Yule Monty is rammed full of all the beauty, bathing and girlie essentials that you will ever need.

[12] If She Loves Make Up - I always buy the gorgeous and well priced gift sets that YSL, Estee Lauder, Clarins and more bring out over Christmas. Their gift sets are always such good value for money, usually for around £20.00 or less you can get a gorgeous gift box including a mascara, eyeliner and some eye make up remover. Never just buy a single mascara at Christmas time, usually for the same price you can get a whole gift set.

[13] If She's Precious - Now obviously, I'm sure anyone that you're buying for is precious, however, I think the jewelry on number 13 is especially precious. I am loving the Pandora heart ring, at only £30.00 it's such a gorgeous keep-safe gift which she can have forever. The next two are both from Tiffany, they're more expensive but beyond special because they'll come in that gorgeous little famous blue Tiffany box. 

[14] - If She Loves Shoes Glorious Shoes - I think a nice pair of boots is pretty much the perfect gift to receive. I've always got my eye on a new pair of black boots and at the moment I am loving the Ash Podium Leather Boots. Boots are something which you can keep forever so again, like jewellery, a real keep-safe and also, something that you/the recipient will get a lot of use out of.

[16] - If She Loves Sparkles - As most of you now know, I've officially launched LVNDR my special online shop, now I'm a little bit bias, but I think she will LOVE anything from the site, my favourites include the Oh Deer Ring and the Heart Charm Bracelet. All prices start from £2.99, so you really can't go wrong. Shop for beautiful, affordable accessories now at

Now it's time to talk you through some more of the incredible Christmas gifts available at the moment. Brace yourselves. *The below are press samples but as my disclaimer policy states, I am always honest with my opinions*. 
- Perfume Gift Sets - I've already mentioned perfume but I was kindly sent this Prada gift set to review by Fragrance Direct and I instantly fell in love with it, I thought it would be nice to add to the gift guide because it came with the most amazing make up bag, as I said above, I always try and buy perfume which comes with a really nice free gift.

- A Nice Hair Brush - Every girl needs a decent hair brush in her life, my brother bought me an Aveda Paddle Brush literally 5 years ago and I still have it to this day. Move out of the way Tangle Teezers because the Tangle Angel has arrived. This brush looks absolutely gorgeous, it's the kind of gift I'd give to my younger cousins as I can imagine it to look gorgeous on their dressing tables - anything that makes hair care easier is a winner for most girls. Thank you to the team at for sending me these gifts to have a look at.

- Sun In A Kit - I literally love the name and idea of this product, for ladies who like to be bronzed but naturally bronzed, this Sun In A Kit set from Sampar (you can buy it from Marks and Spencer) will give the receiver a gorgeous gradual glow. 

- The Body Shop Gifts - Every year the Body Shop is a shop that I return to for Christmas and Birthday presents, they always have such incredible, delicious gift sets. I love their gorgeous gingerbread houses this year, so beautiful I don't actually want to open or use it. Their gifts are all ridiculously well priced too. I adore their Christmas ranges.

- Teddy Bears - Which girl doesn't love a plush toy? These little hanging animals from The White Company aren't big enough to cuddle, but they did make me think that maybe I should put a teddy bear on my Christmas list this year. You're never too old to cuddle up to a teddy are you? Particularly if it's your favourite Disney character.

- Hair Goodies - Most girls love to treat their hair, I always put lots of Macadamia hair products on my Christmas list but I know that a lot of my friends absolutely love BedHead. I love their party range for the Christmas period and their large, bright bottles make really nice presents for any party goers who need to give their hair a treat. I am also currently reviewing this little kit from Swell hair, which promises to strengthen my hair so we will see about that shortly as I am trying to grow my hair. Boots always does really good hair gift sets too if you're looking to treat someones hair on a budget. They're always on 3 for 2, so you can treat yourself too.

- If She Needs To Relax - If you follow me on Twitter (@emshelx) you may have seen me tweeting about Filorga's Eye-Recover masks and rightly so as oh my gosh they are incredible, they really do make me feel like I've had an extra nights sleep. If you're buying for someone who just needs to relax, get yourself to Marks and Spencer and buy some of these, or treat yourself, as a matter of urgency. (Full review coming soon!)

- For Around The Table - I squealed a little bit when I saw these gorgeous little crackers from Weleda (at only £3.00 each!?) - They will make absolutely gorgeous gifts for any lady, each cracker has a special little hand cream inside. My Grandma would just love one of these. I am having a special girlie birthday night in this year and will be filling my table with these for my girlie guests!

- If She Likes Colour - Ah this KIKO eye shadow set is just incredible for anyone who's into make up. Anyone who's experimental with make up would love the bright colours and even if they're just a neutral beauty lover, there are enough neutral colours to keep the recipient happy for a very long time.

- For The Party Animal - These Katy Perry Lashes for Eylure are pretty exciting, particularly for over the Christmas period. If you're buying for someone who likes big, dramatic and glamorous lashes then look no further than these.

- For Skincare Lovers - This skincare set by Nude is the nicest skincare set that I have come across in a long time. It's literally too perfect to even use, I love the presentation and I know that the natural products inside would make the perfect gift for most women.

- If She Loves Luxury - It doesn't get much more luxurious than this gorgeous Molton Brown gift set, I can't actually believe how beautiful it is. I don't know many people who wouldn't be happy with this as a gift.

- Baby It's Cold Outside - Another one for ladies who like luxury is this luxury 100% merino wool scarf from Emu Australia. It's so big and cosy and actually fits around my whole body as a shawl too. It comes in a variety of colours and I've currently got my eye on the grey one as well. This is the perfect colour for Christmas. I wish you could come here and feel how soft and perfect it is, it's sure to brighten up any frosty days.

- For Those Who Want To Feel Luxurious On the Inside - I absolutely love receiving lingerie for Christmas. Buying someone lingerie doesn't mean that it has to be a raunchy gift, every woman has to wear lingerie and well, we might as well wear something pretty because I've read in a few magazines that if you're dressed nicely underneath, you'll feel good on the outside. I was recently chosen as one of Wonderbra's blogging ambassadors which means that I'll be bringing you lots of exciting lingerie news. I absolutely love their red glamour bra and hopefully I'll have some new lingerie treats under the tree for me this year. I am knicker crazy, I own far too many pairs of knickers but a girl can never have too many, I love Victoria's Secret for knicker buying, 5 pairs for £20.00 makes the most gorgeous present (plus they'll wrap it up nicely for you too).

Other gift ideas if none of the above take your fancy:
- A Holiday - Why not save your pennies and just go on holiday? Thailand sounds perfect to me and  I'm fairly tempted to save up and go after finding some cheap flights on Thomson this week. 
- A Weekend Away - If long haul isn't for you, find a cheap weekend somewhere cute, how about visiting the countryside or if you're more of a city person, a trip to the city. (Trips away don't have to be with boyfriends, you could go with your favourite girlies or treat your parents).
- A Spa Break - Spa breaks are always winners, a trip to a spa would be a pretty epic Christmas present.
- Adopt an animal - Adopting an elephant or something would always be quite a cute gift.
- A Hamper - This immediately sounds expensive, but it doesn't have to be, I often buy an empty hamper from Harvey Nichols and then fill it with goodies from the food hall, it works out at about £30.00 but you can spend less or more depending on what your budget is.
- Go Wild - You could always go on an adventure trip to GoApe and swing from some trees or you could go sky diving. The possibilities with day trips are endless.

I have literally completely run out of any more gift ideas for now, I feel like I've pretty much exhausted the list. I hope that this helped anyone shopping for a female, or maybe it's given you some ideas of things that you want to add to your own Christmas list. I've also written a Christmas Gift Guide for Him! The Christmas count-down is now officially on!

Lots of love, Em x
Do you like the look of anything on this gift guide? What are you going to be buying this Christmas? You can read my Christmas list, here.


  1. Just saw your tweet and had to take a peak at what you had posted! It must have taken you ages to collect all of the gifts, I have my eye on the Molton Brown gift set, it's something my mum would love!

    Great post as always,

    Holly xx

    1. aw yayyy haha it did but I wanted to make a hugeee gift guide as I know how hard christmas shopping can be! Yeah the Molton Brown set is just to die for! xxx

  2. love the ideas, now just need to show this to my boyfriend! :D

    Xx Andra

  3. Your gift guide has given me a few little ideas, thank you!

    Becca x
    Paradise Tea

  4. Fab gift guide, I love that Prada perfume such a lovely scent.
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube p

    1. It's sso gorgeous isn't it love the bottle too!x

  5. I love how much effort you put into this post em! I've taken notes and have some really good ideas for what to buy my friends now :) I may have to buy the Body Shop gifts for myself they look so good xx Emmi


    1. aw thanks Emily! aw yayyyy good good! ah they're soo good aren't they eek! xx

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  7. Like what you guys have going on here, what a great site. Im always on here seeing the latest news and updates. I have also two sites one is about wow. you had better have got some scooter insurance OR moped insurance if you plan on buying this one

  8. ahhh this is so amazing!! Love the angel detangler brush!

  9. aww the detangler angel brush is so cute! fab post lovely xx

    1. It would be so adorable for a little sister! x

  10. These are great! I'm going to send my boyfriend over to your site! Lol

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  11. I love your gift guide! very well thought out and amazing!
    I'm still deciding what to get other people let alone what I want for myself but we'll see. I'm determined to be all sorted by at least the 10th of december!
    Madeleine || Madeleine in Wonderland

    1. Aw thank you so glad you like it, haha yeah well dont worry because it usually takes me until at least the 24th to have everyone sorted! x

  12. Eeeek so many gorgeous gifts! Love the Molton Brown mini's and all the cute beauty crackers atm!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  13. What an incredible round-up! Quite literally something for everyone :)


  14. some really good and useful ideas! Thanks EM xxx

  15. Your gift guide is brilliant! I love the idea of the crackers!
    I want everything..!

    1. Aw thank you, haha me too, love the crackers!

  16. I love this post, so many good ideas. Really like the KIKO Eye Shadow set. I absoloutely love your blog, I think it's great! x

    1. Aw thanks Ellie! Kiko is sooo good, I couldn't belive just how good infact, aw wow thank you :) x

  17. Great post! I totally adore the Body Shop gift sets and the one you chose is definitely one of the cutest ;)

    1. The body shop gift sets are soooo gooooood!!! x so glad you like them :) x

  18. Christmas is coming early to wish you a Merry Christmas, best Christmas gift to see here

  19. Awesome list for Harper's Christmas & Toddler Gift Ideas. I would like to try your fun and cute ideas. Thanks for sharing...

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  20. Its gorgeous christmas gift and girls gifts looking. I am very happy with this ideas. Thank you assistant about it.



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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