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Friday, 29 November 2013

Salvos Restaurant Review Leeds

Okay so just writing this post makes me want to eat here again. I've always wanted to eat at Salvos, this restaurant is famously known as one of the best Italian's around so I was very excited to see what it was like, particularly because I am the biggest Italian lover that you will ever meet. Salvos is a family run restaurant, in the middle of Headingley and you'd probably walk past it, but this place is a hidden gem and I really can see why people travel just to eat here...
I always like restaurants that bring you a plate of nibbles and fresh water before you've even asked for them. I was absolutely starving so I really needed something to nibble on whilst I browsed the menu.

I love the decor of Salvos, it manages to be high class whilst still feeling comfortable and relaxing.  It's the kind of place that you could visit either dressed up or dress down. I prefer to dress up just because I generally like getting dressed up when eating out but Salvos is literally the perfect date night location because you can actually get dressed up when you eat here.
Lipstick - Barry M, Nails - Butter London, Top - All Saints Sequin Top, My hair is now a different colour ahh! I can't wait to show you all but for now, you'll have to wait and see!

The wine went straight to my head and before I knew it, the starters had arrived. I had such a challenge deciding what to order because I literally wanted to try everything on the menu. Jack chose the mozzarella with parma ham from the specials menu and I went for the sharing platter (of course).

I let Jack eat a bit of it, but naturally, I ate most of it.

From the first bite we could tell that this is 'real' food, it's completely fresh, nutritious and authentic. Salvos pride themselves on only using either local food or food sourced from Italy and you can really tell when you taste it, it's all so fresh and delicious. I'd happily live on the sharing platter. It's my kind of food.

Jack tried a famous Italian beer, as recommended by the owner of Salvos.

A strong, acquired taste apparently, but he still drank it all.

For once, we didn't go for steak, Jack went for the chicken

and after much deliberation, I went for a pasta from the specials menu, with mozzarella (I can't get enough of it), aubergines and tomato. This is complete authentic pasta, real Italian. 

We ordered some potatoes as a side, they were perfectly crispy. I'm not the biggest potato lover, but when there's cheese and crispiness involved count me in.

The cheese on my pasta was smoked, smoked mozzarella is most definitely an acquired taste, it's very different, particularly because I'm used to creamy mozzarella, but it was nice to try something different, the whole dish was really nicely done.

How we had room for desert I'll never know, but as usual we went for a sharing platter. I love restaurants that sell sharing platters, I always find it difficult to decide which dessert I have so I love being able to try a bite of each.

This ice cream was absolutely incredible.

There are photographs of the family throughout the restaurant, it gives it such a nice homely feel and really shows how this is such a traditional, family run establishment.

Again, another family photo. I find it really touching and heart warming.

You don't need me to tell you how good Salvos is, the photos of the food and the restaurant should hopefully speak for themselves, not to mention that the restaurant has been voted the 'Best independent Italian Restaurant' oh and hard to please Gordan Ramsay even approves of Salvos - it must be good.

We said goodbye to our new favourite Italian after a relaxed evening of dining. Next door is the Salvos Salumeria, which means 'little restaurant'. I must try there for lunch one time after looking at the menu, it looks like my perfect kind of place. If you visit Salvos, you're onto a winner - I'm pretty sure this is the closest you'll get to traditional Italian food outside of Italy. 

Have you visited anywhere like this? Have you heard of Savlos before? What do you look for when you go to an Italian?
Love Em x


  1. This looks like something worth looks great.

  2. You look so gorgeous!! Food looks so yummy :) xx

  3. looks like an amazing place, love the pictures, even though it has me craving chicken at this time! haha

    Emma from

    1. Haha, chicken is good at any time of the day!x

  4. Everything looks so good! Definitely a little hungry now! Glad you enjoyed!:)

    Vintage Deer

    1. Aw thank youuuu, every time i look at it it makes me hungrrry! x

  5. love your makeup here, could you do a tutorial?
    Also I don't know if you've already done a post like this, but would love you to do a post on blogging advice or something x

    1. Of course I can :) yeah I have done a post about blogging advice, you can find it here: xxx

  6. wauw the food looks very delicious!
    have a nice weekend girl! you look stunning on the first picture!

  7. Beautiful pictures, I have such major food envy! xx

  8. The food looks soooo good! And you look gorgeous, too :)


  9. I went here twice while I was living in Leeds at university. It's amazing! Love the homely feel to it too!

  10. Looks yum!
    So happy you do food reviews from Leeds as I can try them out haha :)
    alicekatex ♥

  11. I seriously need to close this post because my mouth is watering so much!!! WOW this place looks amazing and if I was even close to it, I would be there every night!!!!!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

    1. Haha fooood is soooo good, I already can't wait to eat there again:) x

  12. I want to go there right now.

  13. Wow the food looks amazing!,


  14. I'm Italian! So I would love to try this out and see what it's like!

  15. I love Italian food especially those mixed with tomato sauce and cheese! The food at Salvos looks yummy to me.

    Shikin Kikin |



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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