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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Lush Spa Event and Review

I was lucky enough to be invited to Lush Leeds’ 4th Birthday party last week. I have always been a huge Lush fan, the smell, the fact that the shop is so fun, their products are so unique and just how everyone in the store is always really friendly and bubbly, I always wanted a job in Lush when I was younger. I am obsessed with anything pink in the shop or anything that smells like honey, they make the best bathing products known to man. Lush is so unique and I felt honored to be invited to their 4th birthday party. I have been shopping there as a customer for 4 years and no way did I ever think that I’d be invited to their birthday party. Also, I was lucky enough to try out one of their new massages at the new, Lush Spa. I didn’t even know that they had a spa attached to their shop. Exciting! I cannot wait to tell you about my Alice in Wonderland experience, if you want a fairy tale experience, keep reading. Lets just say, it was not what I expected…

We were welcomed into the store with rose petals on the floor, what a spectacular red carpet.

Everything in Lush is so cute. I adore any sort of fairy lights. My future house will be covered in them

This is my favourite kind of bubble bar. You break it up into little pieces and put it in your bath, and you get so many gorgeous, pink, soft bubbles. I always have such pretty pink smelly baths with my stuff from Lush. My rule is, anything that's pink in Lush will smell amazing.

On the night, we were taught about their new treatments at the Lush Spa. Their first treatment and the one that I had, is the facial. I don't want to give too much away, but basically everything that is above, is put on your face, in some form. You tell them what you want to fix, and they will use those the appropriate products within your facial.

I love how natural everything about Lush is, I must try some of their natural make up products.

I have been desperate to try their Bubble Bar Toy for quite some time now. Lush really do make bath time fun. You're never too old to play in the bath. Bring it on.

Shower jelly is my all time favourite thing. I love how you can wash yourself with jelly! I wish this was invented when I was younger, I'd have been obsessed. I always buy people this as a present because it's just so unique and delicious.

We were taught about all the treatments available at their spa. The above is an example of the Synaesthesia treatment. According to Lush, with this treatment, you choose where you want to be taken. They have a wall full of words, for example: relax,energy,peace and you choose which one you'd like to feel. They then choose the ingredients and sounds to take you there. As you can see, the above looks like some crazy cocktail. The peace massage bar, is the best thing that I've ever smelt. I was kindly given one of these massage bars after my treatment and I've left it open in my bedroom so that I can smell it all the time. My top tip when it comes to Lush is to buy a big bar of smelly soap and leave it open in your bedroom, I guarantee your room will smell delightful.
Me and some of the other girls, Remie and Carrianne. Here I am again with that insufferable smile which a few people keep commenting on (yawn, hope it doesn't give you too many nightmares!)

Now, into the spa. It honestly is like something from a novel. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland/some sort of fantasy fairy tale. I absolutely love how rustic this is. I will most definitely be pinning this on Pinterest! Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy shop floor, is this gorgeous cottage like kitchen downstairs. This is, the Lush spa.

It was based on the founder of Lush's kitchen. I love how different this is, so many spas that I have been to are very clinical and robotic but this is relaxing and it feels like you're in Narnia.

The table is full of ointments and other exciting little things whilst you haveyour consultation. I was asked about my skin, what I wanted to change and told what would happen during the treatment. This lasted about 15 minutes.

I then made my way into the treatment room, which again, is very rustic and cottage like. The music which is played is very different to any other spa music, you can hear people having conversations about ingredients and then the therapist moves to the sound of the waves. If someone says 'lavender' on the CD, the therapist seems to put lavender near your face.

It's very different to any spa that I've seen before. I felt like I was in a gorgeous little cottaged hidden away in the hills. It was a surreal experience and the facial wasn't like any other facial that I've had, they used metal tongs to make sounds around my body which made the facial quite spiritual. I don't really believe in spiritual stuff but I did feel cleansed and like I was floating when I came out. I was asked what I wanted to change about my skin and the therapist put the products on, which she felt would fix my problems. My skin looked surprisingly fresh, radiant and spot free when I left the treatment room with no make up on. A few days on, my skin is radiant but it has dragged my spots out. This is what facials are meant to do though, so hopefully they will go soon.

 My favourite thing about the whole treatment (besides from the actual treatment, it took me a while to get up, I think I must have fallen asleep. I felt so lethargic and relaxed when I woke up.)

 Was the cute little drink and cake that I got at the end. It is such a nice, homely, comforting touch. Instead of being kicked out of a treatment room, I was presented with a sweet pink treat and my favourite, chocolate tarpin. They do this at the end of each treatment and change the drink and treat depending on what your treatment was.

All in all, this is the best 'spa' experience that I have ever had, it's very different to a standard spa. It was personable, generally adorable and just simply magical. I left the spa feeling utopic, on top of the world and my skin felt heavenly. It really was weird coming round from it. I did feel amazing though.

Here is a photo of me and the girls who also attended. 

And here is me and the Lush staff, thank you for having me! 

Dress - TKMaxx | Lipstick - Barry M | Bag - Zara | New Hair thanks to Jade at XS and my tan? Natural, thank you to the British sunshine.
After a lovely evening, far too much cake and a wish-list as long as my arm, it was home time. I'd like to thank Lush Leeds for such a fabulous evening, thank you to the girls who I met on the night for being such great company. Would I recommend the spa? Yes. Will I be going back? Of course. Treatments start from £40.00 which isn't that bad to say it's more of an experience, it's worth going underground to their spa just to see how pretty and rustic it all is. My Mum would love this.

Do you like Lush? Have you ever been to a Lush Spa? Would you like to go?

Lots of love, Em x

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  1. This actually looks amazing !!!! What an amazing experience !!! :-) hope you had an amazing time !

    Mel xx

  2. This looks so fun! I love lush too!

  3. Ah everything looks so pretty, i love Lush! x

  4. How LUSH! ;)

  5. Lush products look so great, I'd love to try them! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

    1. Yeah! theyre amazing, as if you havent used them :) x

  6. This looks amazing, you are so lucky that you got to go to this! I didn't know that there was a Lush spa as well so I'd be interested to see what it's like. As you said I think it's really interesting that the spa is very rustic and not clinical as they often are! Thanks for sharing your experience with us :)

    Louisa's Notebook

    1. Thank you :)

      I know so lucky! was amazing:)

      I love rustic things:)

  7. I love Lush, this has made me want to do a Lush haul now haha. The spa treatment sounds amazing, I didn't realise they did spa treatments I really want to go now! x

  8. I love LUSH! I must get myself a few more of their products! I have been looking into their spa treatments they sound amazing!

  9. This looks really lovely! I love Lush bath products, and I think I'm going to try some of their skincare soon as well as I've heard such good things!

  10. really look like nice products... :) Juss came across your blog! Wld love it if u drop by my blog, we can follow :D

  11. This looks incredible! The spa looks so gorgeous and relaxing. I love Lush, whenever I'm in Leeds I always head into there (we don't have one in Huddersfield, so Leeds is the closest!) The candles give such a pretty atmosphere!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  12. Looks like a really great, cute and creative result, I love Lush products!

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  14. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    I LOVE lush!! Next time i go i want to purchase the bubblegum lip scrub!

    Brittany, xx

    1. Thank you :)

      Ah bubblegum lip scrub is amazing! x

  15. Gorgeous event! Wish I was there lol! Lovely post.

    Tolu from FashinateMe x


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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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