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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2012.

Hey everyone! Now, if you read my blog regularly you'll know that it's still only a baby and is only 11 months old, so 2012 was a big year for me and 'adayinthelifeofems' which I recently rebranded to EMTALKS. I thought i'd do a quick summary of my most popular blog posts of 2012, incase you missed out of them and wanted to have a read and see what everyone else has been clicking on the most. Lets get started:

# 5 - 'How to save money on fashion, student friendly money saving tips-' Ahh so this post actually took me HOURS to write, but it was worth it for the response that it got from you lovely readers. Basically, I discussed how to save money when shopping. I talked about how to save money even if you're not a student, where to find the best discount codes online, how to get the most out of ASOS, How to get designer things at Primark prices, My Guide to eBay and so much more.You can read it by clicking here if you missed out.

# 4 - 'Xen-tan Moroccan Oil Fake Tan Review' -  Now everyone who reads my blog knows that I am Xen-Tan obsessed, and this is one of the first reviews on the internet of their newest fake tan, it's a really unique fake tan because it has morroccan oil in it, so I guess people just wanted to see what the hype was about it. Even if I do say so myself, I feel that i've got great knowledge when it comes to fake tan as i've trailed pretty much everyone on the market, so maybe people wanted to know my thoughts on the markets newest and most innovative product? Click here to read this post if you missed it.

# 3 - 'What Make Up Does Kim Kardashian Wear, Steal Kim Kardashian's Make Up Looks' - I think you'll all have realized by now that I love Kim. Well, with this post, I set myself the challenge of trying to find cheap alternatives/research what make up items Kim Kardashian actually wears. It took me weeks to research it but I eventually typed the blog post out on the train to London. I love the photos on this post, this was part 2 of my first ever Kim Kardashian make up tips post. If you missed it, you can read it here.

# 2 - Overcoming bitches, ex boyfriends, bullies , abusers and more.
It was a real turning point for me being able to publish this article, it's something which had been sitting on my laptop for a long time which I was hoping to send off to a publisher in the far far future. However, one day, something kicked off on bloggers chat and someone basically accused me of being bitchy, this hurt me so much that I decided I was going to share with people what I had been through, and it sparked this post. The response that I got from this post was unbelievable, the comments, the texts, the emails - it was just fantastic. It really meant the world to me that people could actually relate to me and I'm pleased that by writing it, I helped so many people who have felt the same before.    
                                                Please do have a read of this post by clicking here if you haven't already. 

 # 1 - 'Steal Kim Kardashian's Make up look. The best make up picks' Aahh now I am so surprised that this is my most read blog post, ever. If you read it, you'll see just how rubbish it is (I think so anyway!) in comparison to my newer Kim posts. I think it may be because I discuss the actual foundation that she apparently wears. I have no idea but if you'd like to read it and see what the fuss is about you can read it by clicking here. I also think that this comes up first on Google when googling Kim Kardashian's make up so maybe that's why! Crazy hey!

So that's my readers favourite posts in a nutshell from 2012. I hope to keep making you happy throughout 2013 with lots of posts AND videos. 
If you've been reading for a while, what was your favourite post in 2012 from me/from anyone?!

Lots of love, Em xxx
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  1. I really enjoyed these, especially what make-up Kim wears, I'm slightly obsessed with her look LoL :P xo

    1. Aw thanks, glad you liked it. hahaha me too :( xxx

  2. Great work Em love the Kim K make up post.. I do like her make-up
    and glad you shared your experience about a comment made its a shame that people don't understand that being nasty or rude about someone's work or character just shows who they really are!! Sometime you can think something doesn't mean you should say it.

    1. Naw thanks glad you like it :) xxx Yeah i know, oh well! mwah xxx

  3. I literaly just sat here and read all of them! Love your writing style :)
    If you or anyone wants to enter a stila giveaway I'm holding, here's the link:
    Thanks :) xox

    1. awww thanks so glad you like them! ooo thanks xxxx

  4. The student saving money tips was the best blog post from you lovely :) i sent you an email yesterday. I love how creative and honest you are. Looking forward to more posts :)

    Love Emily xx

    1. Aw thanks so glad you liked it! It took me hours to write haha, worth it though! And awww thanks so much, ive read your email not had the chance to reply yet as im so busy but thank you SO much i will be responding tonight :) xxxx

  5. Only getting a chance to read the post now, but I love the money saving one! And the overcoming bitches one!


  6. I love all of these posts - especially the Kim K ones :) Keep up the good work em!

    Lindsay Frances | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  7. Great post! I think your Kim Kardashian post was pure genius!

  8. Fantastic, Really good posts all of them.

    Pipp xx

  9. I just stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did. Definitely becoming your newest follower. I'm off to read your most popular post from 2012 now. :)

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. Aw thanks so glad you like it how exciting:) xxx

  10. great blog you have ;)




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