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Friday, 13 April 2012


Wednesday Evening - Today I went to Manchester to go shopping with my family.
I had a hugeee make up splash! Selfridges was calling my name!
Dermalogica - various items
Clarins - Wonder perfect mascara
MAC - foundation
Clarins - Various moisturising goodies
Mac - Primer
Mac - Pump for my foundation
Clarins - Make up bag

I asked the lovely lady at MAC to do my make up because I'm sick of spending £££ on make up but not been able to apply it. She told me that my foundation is far too dark for me and gave me more of a neutral toned one, but for oily skin because my skin is horrible at the moment.
She put a shimmery primer on first which feels amazing!

She recommended this one to me because it is for skin that changes, for instance my skin can be really dry one week and ridiculously greasy the next. Thats hormones for you ey!
The thing I like best is the case (OMG) it's shiny and shimmeryy! I couldn't capture this on camera but it's so beautiful and girlie! It isn't matte so I can wipe it clean and it'll look all new!

As you can see, it's quite shimmery and it feels so moisturising, I will do a full review of it once I've tried it myself. It was £18.00 which I think is amazing considering I usually spend £30.00 on my Shu Uemera primer.
I got my usual foundation but got it in a really light colour (NC25) I was scared because I usually wear (NC35) but it looks so much more natural and because it isn't too dark it doesn't look dirty. I'll let you know how I get on with it when I apply it tomorrow.

Above you can kind of see the make up that she did me. It just looks natural and quite perfect even if I do say so myself. I love the blusher she used, I never wear blusher, just bronzer but she put the bronzer all over my face. The tip she gave me was to put bronzer underneath the cheek bones as she said it emphasizes them more.

I was speaking to the girl and telling her how annoyed I am that my skin is rubbish at the moment and she recommended dermalogica. EVERYONE from EVERYWHERE recommends this. The only problem is, it is sooo expensive so I went for a consultation and got some samples to see if I like it - I will let you all know after a week of using it.

Next I went to Clarins to pick up the mascara that I was recommended. I can't wait to trial it for you all.

BECAUSE I bought one item, Clarins were doing this thing where if you buy two, you got a free make up bag and full sized (I think they're full sized, they're big anyway!) moisturiser and bath and shower oil. I thought why not! And my mum bought the mascara as well. Bargain! 

Okay so I didn't buy much clothing but the few things I did buy are here;

Crop top from Topshop, not sure what i'll wear it with though!
Maybe a waist high skirt or waist high leather shorts on a night out.
Ignore my paleness I haven't tanned!

Yellow/lemon shorts from Hollister.

Cricket jumper from Hollister.

I love the colour of them!

Hope you all like everything I bought today! Can't wait to use them all tomorrow so that I can review them fully for you! Mwah

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  1. that looks like a nice shopping time! xx

  2. i love a good makeup/product haul... makes me want to go shop myself :)

  3. Great post, I love those shorts, so cute:) <3

  4. Hi there! I followed your blog. Hopefully you could check out my blog and follow it as well. Thanks! :)


  5. Love tips and your blog!
    im gonna follow you, I hope you will do the same!


  6. love the shorts!

    check out my blog xo

  7. I've still using a sample of mac prep and prime and its amaze! love the blog xx

  8. i love mac! nice post <3

  9. hi, just looking at your blog, the clothes are really nice, BUT the mac foundation, studio fix, i thought it was strange you wear/wore NC35 as i'm fairly dark skinned and i use that so do you use NC25 all the time now? because i found it very odd, love the rest of the blog - harpreet x

  10. Hi! thank you very much for the comment about the MAC foundation that I will surely buy :-) you have a clair skin like me so it is necessary for me to see the colour on a skin similar to mine.
    I follow you....really hope you will follow me too

    let me know what you think about my blog...thanks
    a kiss !!!!!

  11. great haul! i love the Mac foundation too! follow your blog now...hope you visit mine too

  12. Your tum is soooo toned!
    Love those shorts too!



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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