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Friday, 6 December 2019

Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas For Men/Him

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Are you in need of a last minute Christmas present for him? Wondering what to buy a boy or man this Christmas? Depending on what your idea of last minute is, (or when you're reading this blog post) this may not be it (I’ve been known to buy all my Christmas gifts on December 23rd) but some people see last minute as November haha! After the success of me sharing gifts for 'him' over on Instagram stories, I thought today was the perfect chance to share lots of last minute Christmas gift ideas for him. I did write a huge Christmas gift ideas guide with ideas for everyone, him, her - you name it, it’s on there so make sure you check that out. Whether you're looking for a Christmas present idea for your Dad, brother, father in law, Grandad or your partner, boyfriend, best friend, I’ve got you with this blog post (Also, many of these gifts definitely apply to her too!) If in doubt, check out my Christmas gift ideas! Please do share this guide far and wide in the hopes that it may help someone else looking for present ideas!
Ad affiliate links used throughout (some items Ad gifted) -

[Fragrance] - My boys love a good scent, Matt's absolute favourite every year since it launched is Jo Malone Orange Bitters (online here too) he was distraught when he thought they'd discontinued it. It is a Christmas special but you can wear it all year round, day to night, plus it's unisex so you can steal it (often I find myself wearing it). It's the most gorgeous scent, I promise you wont regret it. Spicebomb by Viktor and Rolf is always a safe bet too. I recently had a dinner party kindly hosted by Jimmy Choo and my brother fell in love with their Urban Hero fragrance for men, so that's also got the fragrance for men seal of approval. I find it's usually a little more affordable too which is a bonus. A great affordable fragrance I'd recommend is Police Lifestyle, the bottle is one of the nicest I've seen and it smells so good. Also on the affordable price range is All Saints, they've recently launched fragrances and they're divine, perfect for anyone who likes fashion and fragrance together as the two worlds collide here. You also cannot go wrong with Bleu De Chanel (online here too) - people say it's the best male fragrance of all time and every time I smell someone with it on, I have to agree! Lastly, Atkinsons is a premium fragrance brand if you’re looking for super luxe, London themed fragrances, if you wanted to go even further with a fragrance experience, I saw one of my friends went into their store in Mayfair (Burlington Arcade) for an experience where they had a beard trim and a fragrance consultation. I think that's a very cool present.

[Boxers] - Every year I will buy Matt new Calvin Klein underwear, something he will obviously get wear out of every single day! Whether it's a night t-shirt or the trunk boxers. I find Coggles is usually good when it comes to best value. You can also get them online here.  

[Smellies] - I love buying people things they’ll genuinely use every single day like Batiste dry shampoo, trusty deodorant (just pop into your supermarket and buy the ones on offer, I find Sure, Nivea and Dove are goodies usually) or shower gels. Yes they're boring but we go through so many of them! Other affordable smellies/essentials include Neutrogena and Nivea. The Neutrogena Hydroboost range is one of my favourites, it's great for dry skin but it doesn't break the bank, starting from £3.99! For men I'd recommend the Boost gel cream.

To amp it up a little, go luxe with Molton Brown Black Peppercorn body wash, some Molton Brown Re-charge Black Pepper Sport Muscle Soak or Elemis Aching Muscle Soak (I buy this for my step-dad every single year as he does a lot of running) there's also Decleor shower gels (literally some of the best shower gels I've ever used!). I love spoiling my brother and boyfriend with high quality skincare, they personally like Clinique Mens and I buy my brother a new Decleor Oil every year.   I also love the Elemis men's gift sets every year as they tend to come in really good useful travel cases, doubles up great as a gift for someone who maybe travels a lot. Another gift that goes down well is the trusty Arden Eight Hour Cream, Matt uses it on his lips and my brother uses it on dry skin. You also cannot go wrong with The Kiehl’s gift sets, brimming with the good stuff. My brother and boyfriend love hair products so for them it would have to be RedkenFudgeDa DudeKevin Murphy and The Natural Barber Co, some of their favourite and best rated hair brands! 

You can make a nice personalised hamper of products someone uses and really loves, whether it's your Grandad, boyfriend, brother or someone heading off to Uni who will be in need of top ups of the good stuff! 

[Socks] - I know it’s such a dull gift but its a useful one! Matt goes through so many Adidas and Nike socks so I bulk buy him them, don’t ask me where they disappear to! I think my washing machine eats them or they get mixed up with mine but it's something he's always super grateful for.

[Trainers] - My boyfriend is trainer obsessed! You can go designer with Gucci trainers (my personal favourites, I love them on men!) or go for Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen (my brother wears his every day, they look really good) or just a good pair of Nike trainers for the gym/day to day use. When I ask my boyfriend what his favourite trainer brand is, he says he loves ETQ trainers. Trainers are such a good buy as let's be honest, they last forever and we all get so much use out of them. I'm personally also a Stan Smith lover as they're so comfy and go with everything. You could always get him some smart shoes for the office or for day to day too, I recommend All Saints, Ted Baker and Reiss.

[Fun, Useful Gifts] - How about something fun but very useful like a toastie maker (cheese and beans inside a toastie = gods creation and some really good ones online here), a pie maker (yes, really!) or a George Foreman grill? A Nutribullet? I've also found a waffle machine and a PASTA MAKER!!! I'm sure you'd be VERY popular. I think these are cool gifts that are quirky but people will actually use them. You can also get things like popcorn and crepe maker, probably not as useful but hey, who am I to tell you how many crepes someone can eat per day? Last but certainly not least, bring back ski memories with a CHEESE FONDUE SET! Yup, erm what a dream?

[Headphones] - Everyone loves a good pair of headphones, I feel like the most asked for item this year will probably be Apple AirPods, Santa is going to run out! But you could alternatively look at a pair of Dre Beats, the new Sony WF 1000XM3 headphones (obsessed with these). In a world of us all using our phones and laptops all the time, headphones are essential whether it's for the gym, taking calls, editing videos or listening to podcasts and music! 

[Useful Tech]: I live in a very tech heavy household, we've grown up loving our Xbox, Playstations and even our handheld devices! Now we've flipped to a world of iPads and MacBooks! Useful tech depends who the recipient is, for my family that means a Fitbit or Apple Watch for monitoring daily steps or workouts, memory cards, cameras or it could even be a food blender. John Lewis have SO many quirky tech bits this year but I could also browse the Selfridges tech section for hours, I always think their home speakers make amazing gifts. If you're after a new shaver or electric toothbrush, that's always a good idea, online here. My top tech presents would be a new camera (online here), an Apple Watch (online here), Amazon Alexa, a MacBook Pro (online here) or an iPad (online here).

A site I always love for Christmas is Urban Outfitters, if I'm ever stuck for Christmas gifts I can always find something fun, quirky and useful on there. Some of my favourite gift ideas from here? Dj decks, a record player and a polaroid printer for iPhone. 

I have to talk about [Emspresets] here too as my beautiful photo filters to transform your Instagram or blog photos in one click, they're not just for females, they can transform any photos whether it's taken in London, Madrid or the Maldives! They just add a pop of colour or a full filter depending on which you go for and it's great for someone who uses Instagram a lot or wants to up their blog game.

[Coffee Machine] - A few years ago we got a very expensive Krups coffee machine and I have to say, it's one of the best things ever. I think buying someone who loves coffee their very own coffee machine is an amazing idea, they will save so much money on buying their daily cup whilst walking to work! I recommend Krups and I'd love a Nespresso machine too ha, mainly because they look good! If someone already has their own coffee machine, how about topping up their beans? My boyfriend goes through SO many coffee beans and always says a 1kg bag is never enough so I'll be stocking him up this year! I love buying people their favourite, most used things in bulk. 

[Backpack]- Just like trainers, a backpack is totally versatile, useful, it's generally a forever piece and you can go for a designer backpack like a Burberry one or a Gucci backpack or go for something with more of a reasonable price range like a Roe Menswear leather backpack or a Ted Baker leather backpack. You could use the backpack every day for work, in the gym or for staycations. It's always good to have a nice backpack.

[Luggage] - Whilst we're on the topic of backpacks, what about luggage? Whether it's a staycation, a work trip or a long haul flight, good luggage lasts forever and always makes such a special but useful gift. For so many good, sturdy and well priced luggage options, head here. I also love Reiss leather holdalls and Ted Baker ones too.

[Dyson Hair Dryer] -
My brother and Matt both use my Dyson hairdryer, so much so that it's not really mine anymore. I honestly think it's one of the best hair dryers ever (I was gutted to see it wasn't on sale anywhere during Black Friday either, boo!) but it would make such a valuable and cool gift for someone who dries their hair. Matt and my brother both argue over the ghd hair dryer or the Dyson and I think both are really useful gifts. I know Matt personally uses straighteners too, he likes the 
mini Cloud Nine straighteners (which have broken so he definitely will have some new ones on his Christmas list this year!)

[Cooking Course] - I was talking to my brother the other day and he said how good a cooking course would be as a gift, you could either do it together with someone you love, whether it's your uncle, dad, partner or grandad and make it a bit more fun OR send someone who loves cooking as a hobby and maybe wants to get better? There are so many different courses online.

[Pottery Class] - Whilst we're on the topic of quirky, different gifts, there are so many other things you could do like life drawing, a pottery class (more fun than it sounds, I promise!) or something beneficial like a sign language course or French speaking class!

[Gym Membership] - I mentioned this on my huge gift guide but wouldn't a gym membership be an amazing gift? I am personally a member of David Lloyd and I can use any of their gyms, it works so well as I can use it as an office, a cafe, a space for meetings and a space for working out. I can also access David Lloyd clubs across the country too. If someone was to buy me gym membership for Christmas I think it would be the best present, ever?! The gift that keeps on giving!

[Arlo Jewellery] - Gorgeous, unisex jewellery brand Arlo is independently owned and is gorgeous for 925 sterling silver pieces, were talking beautiful pendants and signet rings. Definitely worth supporting this local business too if you're looking for something a little different. I also always recommend a good watch for Christmas too, I personally like Larsson and Jennings.

[Roe Menswear] - Another incredible independently, British owned menswear store. Roe Menswear is actually owned by my boyfriend and I have personally travelled across the world with him looking for the highest quality fabrics and garments, we decided against China after travelling there and sampling items and instead, went for British made. The quality of Roe Menswear is out of this world. I describe it to people as a Reiss and Burberry mix. I’ve personally been to the factories to watch the pieces be handcrafted in small quantities. You could start with an introduction to the brand by going for a more affordable leather wallet, leather backpack (Matt uses his every single day) or a luxurious quality t-shirt, or go full luxe with their divine trench coats or work jackets which are very limited quantities. If you're looking to buy for a man who's into high quality fashion, he will really appreciate Roe menswear. People love it and always ask where it's from when they see it in the flesh. If you’re looking to buy a unique, British made luxury crafted piece of design then this brand is for you, plus it's nice to support a new business and I promise, the clothes look exceptional on too which is a bonus! I bought my brother the trench and the bomber jacket and he loves them.

[Menswear] - Generally as presents like to buy guys versatile pieces. I used to work in menswear so I feel like I've always had a good eye when it comes to helping people either buy for men or, men choose things for themselves. I like to buy items such as high quality t-shirts (Roemenswear do epic ones as mentioned, my brother is obsessed with his and bought extra after I bought him some for Christmas 2 years ago), a premium hoodie, I personally love All Saints hoodies and All Saints roll necks or a Reiss jacket, Reiss rollneck All Saints leather jacket. I don’t think you can go wrong with a nice forever jacket such as All Saints, Moncler or Belstaff. I bought Matt a Belstaff jacket years ago and he loves it still to this day. I actually have had the same All Saints leather jacket for over 5 years and I can hand on heart say, they only get better with time which is why I personally push them so much when they're on sale. Matt and I accidentally have matching All Saints leather jackets, oops. During Christmas, I also always find myself looking at the top premium high street stores for good quality coats. For me, the absolute best quality coats come from Reiss, All Saints (it's not just leather jackets they do, online here) and Ted Baker.

[Designer Sunglasses] - I mean, who doesn't love sunglasses? I know my boyfriend saved for years to get his favourite Moncler pair (which broke last year, sob!) I always wait until I get to World Duty Free before a flight to grab them but sunglasses are usually on offer before Christmas! You cannot go wrong with Raybans and Sunglass Hut have an incredible sale on them! For me though, I am SO in love with the sunglasses at Selfridges. 

[Designer Items] - If you're buying for someone who loves designer, here are a few key designer pieces. We've spoken about trainers and sunglasses, but what about accessories? Whether it's an Aspinal passport cover, a designer card holder (I got my brother an Aspinal card holder and he loves it! They're not too expensive but they're super handy) I think a card holder is a good way to buy something that's an intro to designer or if the recipient doesn't care about designer, just go for something made from top quality leather like Aspinal or Ted Baker. You can get card holders online here, here and here. Other good designer mens gifts include a designer tee (hello Gucci or Givenchy) or how about a timeless, Burberry Scarf? Lastly, a Gucci belt because I think the smaller one looks gorgeous on guys!

[Gym] -  If the recipient is into the gym, how about gym clothes or gym trainers? You've got Gymshark, Nike and Adidas all with so many options, whether it's loungewear at home, outdoor running kit, gym tracksuit or running trainers.

[Drinks] - Christmas is a great time to buy a gorgeous bottle of alcohol for your nearest and dearest, whether it's a bottle of Johnnie Walker, Haig Club, Greg Goose or Hendricks. I love going for high quality (and guilty, the nicer the bottle, the more likely I am to buy it!) alcohol during the festive season. I personally LOVE the idea of this personalised champagne bottle too. You also can't go wrong with a lovely bottle of Malbec. If you want to be a bit more quirky and festive, gin crackers are now a thing too... yup! Wowza.

[Books] - I don't think you can go wrong with a good book, whether it's a novel someone's always wanted in a hardback edition or something fun, I find Urban Outfitters great for quirky books, eg, the little book of drinking games, the art of sleeping or the Dad jokes book.  Asos is also one of my favourites for quirky little books, plus hello next day delivery if you've left it right until the last minute, for football fans, the little book of Man City is a good shout.

[Hamper] - As mentioned at the start of this blog post, you can always make your own hamper full of useful things like deodorant, shampoos and smellies or you could go luxe and grab a Selfridges hamper (the cheese and gin hamper is a firm favourite) or a Harrods hamper. You can always just grab a good bottle of alcohol and some great snacks and pop them in a wicker hamper, tadaaa, hamper made.

[Experiences] - I love experiences as gifts, whether it's taking someone out for dinner to somewhere they've always wanted to dine, a wine tasting class, a hot air balloon ride. The world really is your oyster when it comes to fun, unique experiences and it's something that's personal to you and the recipient. You can always grab a voucher for most of these things too. I realised my Mum was spending way too much time caring for us and not enough time with her partner so last year I bought her and my step-dad various vouchers to their favourite restaurants to be used throughout the year. It's another gift that keeps giving!

[Staycation or a Trip Away] - Guys love a spa break too! My absolute favourite spa is  Rudding Park and one of my favourite trips to do in the UK is a visit to the Cotswolds, I adore the Painswick hotel, or you could go luxe and visit Cliveden House, one of my favourite hotels in the world, ummm not forgetting the Savoy too. Whether it's a staycation close by in a gorgeous tree top Air bnb, a local cosy pub stay or a trip to New York, spending quality time together is the best gift you can give in my opinion. I’ve been known to take Matt to the Maldives and New York in previous years, lucky him!! This year he’s getting Coal hehe! Obviously you do not need to take someone far and wide, like I say, a gorgeous, cozy pub or a cute Airbnb would be just as lovely. Trips and staycations are super personal to the person you're giving it to, you could give your Mum and Dad a staycation together or take your boyfriend somewhere magical, it can be as far as Australia or as close as 20 minutes down the road, focus on good food and good vibes (I do anyway!) Matt and I recently had a press trip stay at the Nobu Hotel Shoreditch, it was such a lovely pre-Christmas present because we both love Nobu restaurant so it meant we got a little staycay away from our home but also got to wake up in a cloud bed. We also recently stayed at the Shangri-La London on a press stay and I couldn't recommend this more, the dreamiest hotel ever and just so special, you literally sleep in the middle of the clouds which is always pretty special. I recommend this hotel to everyone!

[Hair Cut] - If in doubt, book him in for a treatment, whether it's a massage, a hair cut, a facial, a manicure or a hot beard shave! I don't think you can go wrong with a good massage and I used to always treat Matt to get his hair cut at Sassoon by my hairdresser Lee, he sadly moved to the Manchester store so I never see him anymore but he does a very good hair cut and Matt appreciates a good hair cut so much!

So there we have it guys, SO many ideas for Christmas presents for him and I really hope it helps. If you're looking for more options take a read of my huge Christmas gift ideas post.

Good Sites For  Mens Gifts:

- All Saints - online here
- Selfridges - online here
- GYMSHARK - online HERE! 

- Urban Outfitters - online here 
- Nike - online here
- Adidas - online here
- Larsson & Jennings - online here
- Reiss - online here
- Aspinal Of London - online here
- Coggles - online here
- Ralph Lauren - online here
- Ted Baker online here
- John Lewis - Online here.
Harrods Black Friday Deals Page - online here
- H&M - online here
- Apple - online here
- Amazon - Online here 
- Roemenswear - Online here 
- ASOS - online here

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Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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