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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How Looking Good Can Be Hazardous To Your Health; Guest Post

I scheduled lots of blog posts whilst in Barcelona for you, I've been working super hard, not being lazy and done lots of writing for you, but we all need a break sometime, so here is a little post brought to you by FirstForLawyers.  I liked the sound of this because it really does apply to most of us, me in particular even if some of the things on here may seem a bit crazy. Looking good can be hazardous to your health, do read on and let them tell you why...

If it’s for a big meeting at work, a meal out at a posh restaurant or a night out with the girls, looking good is seen as very important. You don’t want to be underdressed for the big occasion, but is there such a thing as overdoing it? Getting glammed up can take a lot of effort, but in some cases, it can be a little on the dangerous side!
I like to take my time when getting dressed or spending time on my looks, but it seems that some other women like to just go with the flow and wear whatever they want, no matter how uncomfortable or ill-fitting it might be, which is fine, everyone likes to be comfortable (me especially) but it's when this is dangerous (for example, wearing shoes two sizes two small) that this is a problem. It might seem ridiculous, but it’s possible that sacrificing comfort for beauty can lead to injury, as I found out recently.

Pretty yet painful
A survey of 759 women by First4Lawyers revealed that looking good can actually hurt in a number of ways, one of them being haircuts/dyes that can go horribly wrong. 27.5% of women in the survey said that they had been hurt after having their hair done. The example of a woman who passed away after suffering a coma induced by a faulty home dye kit is a harrowing example.

As Em mentioned in her blog previously, some hair extensions ruined her hair. This is something every woman should think about before making a decision on whether to have them or not.

Second on the list were leg/bikini waxes, which 18.7% of women said they had been hurt by at least once. 
Face facts
Facials were also seen as dangerous by women – 15.4% in the survey said they’d been hurt during treatment. Also concerning was eyebrow waxing/threading/tinting, something that 12,.% of women said they had experienced some kind of pain with, but it’s not just cosmetic treatments that can cause injury.

Clothes can be just as dangerous if they’re worn in the wrong way. 18.8% said they had trapped their skin in a zip, 10.6% claimed they had tripped over a long dress and 8.8% owned up to tripping over in their heels. This is why I always make sure that the clothes and footwear I want to buy fits before I decide to part with my money!

I hope you liked this little interesting article!
Have you ever had any disasters with your appearance? Do you know of anything like this happening? I actually found this really interesting if not a little crazy.

Lots of love, Em x
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  1. Banning bikini waxes? REALLY?! I'd like to think the government have bigger problems to deal with :P

    1. I'm sure they do haha, crazy isn't it that people think they're so harmful that they should get banned?!

  2. I don't know how many times I've nearly broke my ankle stumbling home in heels. Especially when I think I'm Usain Bolt when drunk. xx

    Rachael |

    1. hahah, a drunk usain bolt, now that would be funny xx

  3. Aside from walking like a newborn giraffe in heels, I've been quite lucky! I do burn myself on hair styling tools a lot though!

    Enjoy your break!

    Jen xx

    1. ahaha, im so bad at walking in heels. yeah ive touched the side of my head with them for about a second and its left the worst burn! thanks jen! xxx

  4. Interesting post! Loved it :)

  5. I found this so fascinating, well done!:-)xxx
    - from Annie Toad Road

    1. aw thank youuu :) it's quite cool isn't it! x

  6. Well, beauty is pain. Hahahaha


  7. Oh my god its the drunken heels that are the worst. I fell off a step and literally superman dived through the air and bruised all my arms and knees.. My pride hurt the most though haha! xx

    1. Haha, even without a drink I still manage to fall over in my heels. I once fell over in some shoes because there was a bow on the front of them and as I stepped forward, I put the thin heel right through the centre of the bow. Safe to say I went flying and sprained my ankle. Oops! x


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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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