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Saturday, 6 October 2012


HELLO LOVELIES! I am back after an ABSOLUTELY INSANE two days. Aahhhhh I feel like I have come back a different person. Literally still speechless, over whelmed and beyond thankful; if you follow me on Twitter or follow Cosmopolitan you will see that me and my little blog (the one you're reading now!) actually only went and blaadddyy won the Newcomer Award. Oh my GOD. 1. How? 2. WHY. 3.I still can't belieeeve that people read my blog and actually like to hear me rant and rave! So it took me some time to think of a suitable title for this post, but I think ' THE COSMOPOLITAN BLOG AWARDS 2012' will have to do, as I literally cannot put into words how I feel about the evening, it's all a bit jnfvjdngbjrfnhbkhjrnhbjr!!!!!!!!! Ceerrrrazy! 35,000 entrants and I was one of the winners, I can't quite get over it. I've had quite a difficult year, so this just made it all worthwhile. THANK YOU.
Okay, So I guess I should get on with it, here's me ranting, again...

The Venue. The elegant and glitzy Rose Club in Mayfair, Google told me that the likes of Cheryl Cole have visited this A list night club. Once through the reception, you go downstairs for miles into a feminine paradise, imagine mirrors everywhere, red and black sofas and just general glamour. It must have been difficult to choose where to host the Cosmo awards but choosing this venue really made this event seem like a red carpet event. Especially because there was a big stage at one side of the room.

Aaaah soo if you follow me on twitter (@emshelx) you will have seen me panicking about what to wear, in true female style, or in true Em style, I left it until the week before. I then came across an absolute beauty on MissGuided but unfortunately it wasn't in stock, this broke my heart as it was just perfect. After seeing the beauty on MissGuided I decided that just in case I couldn't get that in time, I should try to find one similar... I searched and searched and just didn't like anyyy! But then I came across the dress above ^ which was £18.00, from BOOHOO. How cheap?! However, It looks horrible on the website, I did just get it because I needed a contingency, I really had my heart set on the MissGuided dress. However, when the BOOHOO dress came, (2 days before omg) I really liked it, it was perfectly figure hugging and it feels so silky and slinky. It's a midnight blue colour which isn't really what I had in mind as I wanted it in black! Unfortunately they had sold out of size 6 in the black and I knew that I wanted this dress to be skin tight, so I went for the size 6 in the midnight blue instead, in the end it worked out okay. I just wish I could have had the MissGuided one.

I did take the dress to a shop in Leeds city centre to get the slit altered as stupidly, the slit ended at my knee and it just looked really weird. I think it would have been fine if I was taller but I'm only like 5ft3 so it just drowned my leg. It only cost me £8 to get altered and in true Em style, I wanted it really high so to show off lots of flesh. Why not! So above you can kind of see the dress, the photos are pretty rubbish as the lighting is bad and it makes the dress look black and unsilky! The photos of me at the actual awards ceremony show the dress in more of a true to life way. I asked the people of Twitter which colour shoes to go for and I chose nude wedges and a nude clutch bag, simply because blue and black just looked a bit weird together. I also think that nude always makes a dress look classier.
 Above is the dress that I wanted initially  I set off so early to London that I missed the post and unfortunately only got to pick the dress up when I'd got home. I'm absolutely gutted as I do prefer it! Although these photos really do it no justice, this dress from MissGuided is my favourite dress in a long time. I need to find another fancy event to wear it to, fingers crossed one will be coming up soon as this dress is seriously beautiful and elegant. Can you believe that the dress above is only £18.99? I was so shocked when I saw how cheap both of these dresses were! I do prefer the black one though and the slit is actually in the right place. It makes me look quite fat in the photo above but it is the bad light.

The treats. I want to say 'in true Cosmo tradition' but I wouldn't know as I am only a baby blogger and haven't ever been to one of their events before! But, I imagine that their beautiful goodie bags were in true cosmo tradition and have always been so beautiful and fully packed! They were rammed with goodies from the likes of St Tropez and Elemis and of course as Next were the official sponsors, lots of goodies from them which made me very excited, the fluffy socks will be perfect for winter nights which are unfortunately fast approaching. Of course, the Cosmopolitans were flowing as were lots of other exciting cocktails, they were been filled up quicker than we could drink them. The most delicious colours and just yummy and oh so perfectly glam. I want to host my own mini Cosmo party with my fave blogger girls (i've actually been discussing this meet up on Twitter with a few of my faves recently, feel free to get involved!) Hopefully when we meet, the night will include similar cocktails to the ones that they made. And I bet you're wondering what the big Cosmopolitan magazine is? It was actually the design of the DJ booth, ridiculously cool! And the DJ's were immense, my brother said one of them is Professor Greens DJ? swanky! Inside my winners bag were lots of goodies including perfume and a voucher for Next. I donated this voucher to my Mum because I could not have got to where I am today without her incredible support. My Mum is my absolute world and anything I can do at all to pay her back for the undying support that I have received from her, I will do. I know money isn't everything but it did really make her happy as she absolutely loves the home products from Next. 

My reaction! Okay so me and the other categories winners were awarded this BEAUTIFUL hand designed and framed illustration by COCO. I am so impressed by it, it's very difficult to read on this little collage that I have made but it says in letters at the bottom 'Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012 with Next' this prize is just the icing on the top of a cake of a night. I was so shocked when my name was called out, I only heard but the winner is 'a day in the...' and then I just died. I think my heart actually stopped because I can't remember anything after that moment. I apparently threw my drink somewhere towards Laalaa's direction (she blaaaddy won most Established beauty blog, sooo proud of her - so deserving and such an incredible girl, proud to say that I know her) and then when I got on the stage I was even more overwhelmed as I could just see a huge crowd below me. The ladies from Cosmopolitan and Next were incredible, I was actually nearly crying and they calmed me down and said well done, I just remember saying 'I never win anything' I just could not believe it, I was shaking so badly. It is a moment I will never forget. When I got back from the stage (I felt like i was flying through the crowd, I was so disorientated) I was eagerly greeted by Laalaa and the LOVELY 'Miss Budget Beauty'  so happy that I got to spend the night with these lovely ladies, amongst others as they really did make my night so much more special. I quickly ran outside to ring my brother and my mum, as they literally are my biggest supporters, making them proud just made me feel even happier, as everything I do I do it for them. I always say to people, when they say 'you're so lucky' or 'well done', well thank you but nothing I do is just for me, It's for the people in my life who were taken from me and are hopefully looking down on me, I do it to make them proud up there.

THANK YOU. You can see me and the beautiful LaaLaa from DolceVanity on this photo. I wish I could find all the photos that the professional photographer took as I really can't find any nice ones on my phone! It was so difficult to take photos in the room aha, maybe because I was so nervous that I couldn't stop shaking. Apart from wining the award, what really made my night is when Scarlett from ScarlettLondon came over to me, introduced her self and told me that she loves my blog! I absolutely love hers too and new that she was a huge contender in our category as she is just fabulous and not to mention ridiculously stunning but I was just so overwhelmed that I probably made a fool of myself, but she really did make my night coming and introducing herself. It was really nice to hear that someone likes to read what I say, so thank you Scarlett, I hope to meet you again properly in the future. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Cosmopolitan and Next for such an outstanding night but also for awarding me the Newcomer award! The 7/8 months that i've had my blog have been a whirlwind. I was introduced to the ladies from Next as soon as I arrived as they were talking to the girls that I was with. I spoke to them about the difficulty I have had with nasty people commenting about my blog (mainly ex class mates), and they were really pleased for me that I won, as I suppose it goes to show that I won't let those people bring me down anymore - there's more to life than nastiness and I think i've grown as a person since having a blog and receiving a lot of nastiness myself from others throughout my life. 

YOU! However, the people I can't thank enough is you guys (or girlies!) reading right now. Without your votes, your support, your continual lovely tweets, emails , messages, just everything - My blog wouldn't be anywhere right now! I have no words to thank you because I literally am speechless (which is odd for me), the amount of people who tweeted me to say well done on the night actually made me realise how many lovely people there are out there. I read every single one personally, i'm sorry if I didn't reply to you all, but I tried to retweet as many as I could without spamming my whole timeline. I can't believe that people said I am one of their favourite bloggers, literally cannot thank you all enough, i don't even see myself as a 'blogger' I just have a blog, but I really am proud to be a 'blogger' when the community is such a nice one. I was sooo emotional when reading your tweets, I actually turned my phone off for a while whilst in China town celebrating with my Mum as I couldn't contain myself and really couldn't breathe with the excitement of it all. 

You have all made my wildest dreams come true, never EVER did I imagine that my little blog would get an award, I only started it as a hobby and, I mean it when I say really love you all for your continual support  I will give it back to you all, as I have some ridiculously exciting news soon, and you are all invited - do not worry. I will be in touch as soon as the plans are in place;)

So, that is my night. Still pretty speechless and I would love to meet you all someday. I promise to keep writing for you all :) once again, cannot thank you all enough.
Lots and lots of love,
Em xxx
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  1. you looked stunning! well done you really deserved it.

    Hannah @ aprettymessuk xo

  2. Ah well done poppet, you sound so excited. xxx

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  6. You looked great love! and congrats! How freaking exciting!!!


    Janelle @ GlamorousMama

  7. Well done doll!! You looked totally gorgeous & really deserve it!!!
    N xoxo

  8. I wrote on your other post but I just wanted to say again a massive congratulations! I'm so happy for you, I can tell you've had a hard time from people and this must be the best 2 fingers up you could do at them! You looked gorgeous by the way, the blue suits you alot! xxxx


  9. very very happy that you won! xxx

  10. Well done! You looked fab too :) x

  11. congrats on yur award :D your dress looks stunning! you make it look so much more expensive than it actually was! wish i had your size 6 figure too! xx

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  13. Beautiful Em and so so well deserved to one of my very fave bloggers :) xx #bloglove

  14. Congratulations! You look absolutely beaut, I wish I could pull off a dress like that! xx

  15. congrats on your blog getting an award! that's really exciting!
    i'm sure your blog will continue to grow and do awesome things.
    thanks so much for following my blog! returning the favor :)


  16. Congrats on your award! That's an amazing black dress you have on. :)


  17. Congratulations! You look gorgeous, I love your dress! x

  18. I am so proud of you beautiful :)
    I gave a little excited chirp when I found out.
    Sooooo deserved, and It could not possibly have gone to a nicer person.

    Hope uni is treating you well :)

  19. Well done! Love your dress :)

    Check our blog & like our Facebook page.

  20. Well done, you looked stunning and sounds like you had a brilliant night x

  21. thanks for following me :)

    congrats on the award, would love to win myself one day x

  22. I am so glad you won this, couldn't be more deserved! You've really inspired me to keep pushing with my blog and hopefully one day I will be as successful and brilliant as you :)xx

  23. Congratulations, this must have been so exciting for you! :) xo

  24. Congratulations so much! That's amazing news and i'm so happy for you, I voted for you :)

  25. You look amazing (your dress looks so much more expensive then £18), congratulations on the award. Wow, Cosmo's a biggie. Have only just discovered your blog but straight away can see, you're probably very worthy of your success! Congrstulations again!!!:)

  26. Aw, you are so sweet - thank you for my mention! You looked absolutely gorgeous on the night and you totally deserve your award! Congrats! Hope to meet you again soon! Lots of love xxxx


  27. Thats such a cute post, congratulations again on winning! :) You really deserve it as you seem to be such a lovely person and I love your blog. Everything looks so glamorous in the pictures and I'm sure you had a great night! Also love your dress, such a bargain and you looked gorgeous xxx

  28. Well done on your win! Well deserved from what I have read so far.

    And you looked beautiful in that dress! xx

  29. Well done you! You look lovely, this dress is just amazingggg!



  30. you look so beautiful in that dress! You deserve the award ^^ I am happy for you! :D

  31. Thanks for sending me your link, your blog is fab! Congrats on the win and you looked beautiful on the night!


  32. That's absolutely awesome hun, congrats! I just discovered your blog thanks to #bbloggers, and I absolutely love it!

  33. I felt so happy for you reading this post! You look so pretty and you deserve all the happiness in the world :) xx


  34. Aw you absolute babe, just love you so much! Your such a deserving winner honey and I wish you and your blog so much more luck!! Thanks for my mention ahh stole the picture of us lol what a whirlwind night though OH EM GEE! Was very lucky to share it with you XO

  35. Congrats on the win! Found you through #bbloggers, xx ahhhdri

  36. Congratulations!!! So happy for you <3
    Xoxoxo from Italy



  37. Congrats lovely, sounds so exciting, love your dress btw, you look totally stunning! x

  38. Congratulations.... you look stunning in this dress! Great meni too!!!

  39. Hi I just found your blog! I think is amazing, I love your stye and your pics!
    I start to follow you come on my blog and follow me too, if you want :)

  40. Congratulation darling, so pleased for you! You really deserve it :) it looks like you had such an amazing night! Your dress looked stunning, I actually prefer it to the black one!! Congrats again :) such a huge achievement! Xx.

  41. Congrats!

    I'm looking for mutual followers.


  42. Wow you look amazing, I never knew Australia had blog awards. Congratulations!!

  43. Well done Em! That's sooo good you looked amazing too and completely deserved it. I'm sure everyone is proud of you xxx


  44. super pleased for you that you won lovely and you look amazing in that dress you beaut xxx


  45. Wooow! Congrats! You look stunning, what a beautiful dress!
    Would you like to follow each other?


    With love, M

  46. you look amazing and congrats!!!

    I am following your blog check mine out! XOXO

  47. Congratulations, you deserve it! That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you, I thought the same when I saw it online, but now I have to buy it!


  48. Don't be gutted about the dress, you looked absolutely stunning! Congratulations well deserved xx


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