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Monday, 23 May 2016

Skinade Review; Healthy Skin From Within

A drink which promises to improve the skin, hair and nails? Yup. I couldn’t believe it either. As most of you know by now, I am all about good skincare but also, well-being. I love a good multi-tasking product. After having bad experiences with products, I try to focus on putting good, natural things into my body and I'm focusing more on good, natural skin care than something that is just going to react badly with my skin/put rubbish into my body. I have this weird thing where I need to know what I’m actually putting on my face. If you read my recent how I got rid of my underneath bumps and spots post, you’ll know that skincare is just so important to me now, mainly because I stress my skin out way too much. I burn the candle at both ends, I don’t get enough sleep and I definitely stress way too much which has adverse effects on my face. I’m always tired or stressed and guess what, this always shows on my skin first. Let’s just say I was excited to give skinade a go. It’s perfect for the girl (or guy) on the move, who doesn’t really want to commit to skincare or doesn’t really have to the time to do a 10-step routine twice a day. It's simple and genius. Let’s discuss drinking our way to happier skin…

Skinade invited me to try a 30 day supply and honestly, I couldn't be more excited to finally be sharing my results. So, skincare. We all want flawless skin don’t we and we all spend money *I do anyway* on products when it comes to skincare routines. I personally try to drink a lot of water because I know it’s good for my skin. Skin is the biggest organ in the body and as we age, we lose collagen at quite a rapid pace from our early twenties, not to scare anyone, but this results in wrinkles, dry, blemished or thinning skin. Uh oh. I've never really understood 'collagen' but collagen is part of the skin and makes it look plump and fresh. This is where skinade come in. I was so excited to learn about this brand because it’s so different to anything I’ve tried before. Experts have said that anyone can achieve bright, luminous and healthy skin by looking ‘outside in’ as well as ‘inside out’. This means, rather than just using good products and applying them to our skin, we should be looking at our well-being - e.g., sleep more, eat better, drink more water. If you’ve read any of my health and well-being posts you’ll know I try to do all of this more, not just because it makes me feel great or makes my body feel better but also, it makes the skin look better and the hairs and nails. If you have a good routine and healthy lifestyle, everything else generally follows. 

skinade review

So what is skinade? It’s a drink. A magical, powerful little drink. See it as a natural supplement in a bottle, but it's better than the standard supplement. It works from the inside out to rebuild and strengthen the collagen below the skins surface, boosting natural levels of hydration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it's absorbed by the skin because you're drinking it. Now you may read this and be like ‘meh I’m too young to get wrinkles’ but I once went to a skincare talk and I’ll never forget the doctors words… he said it’s better to prevent wrinkles before you get them rather than try and fix them once you’ve got them. Who doesn’t want plump nice skin anyway? I don’t do things like this to stop me ageing though, I add things like this into my regime because I genuinely want fresh, glowing and hydrated skin. I have a real issue with hydration and am always told just how dehydrated my skin is. 

This is basically a powerful little bottle, you drink one bottle per day and it actually tastes fruity and delicious. It’s developed by leading UK scientists and made in the UK. So I trust it. It basically contains high-grade collagen and essential micronutrients. It's good for the hair and nails too, triple whammy. I’m all about natural and this is super high-grade collagen, sourced from fresh-water fish, low in sodium and there’s no mercury contamination. This bottle is very precious. I like that skinade contains high quality ingredients because you guys know how much I’m into my clean eating. Unless it’s cheat day, I don’t want to be putting rubbish in my body. This bottle has no artificial colours or flavours, it’s naturally peachy and mangoey which is totally delicious plus less than 35 calories per bottle so I don’t feel guilty drinking it. It really is true, if you put good stuff into your body, usually, with me anyway, my skin feels better!  

I’ve been testing this out for a few weeks now and I definitely feel like my skin is more hydrated, radiant, and healthier. I am feeling like my nails and hair are stronger and healthier too which is an absolute bonus. So why not take tablets? I used to always take supplements in tablets but according to skinade, you’d need to take twenty large tablets a day to get all of these nutrients (told you it's rammed full of goodness) plus they’d pass through your system rather than being absorbed by the body and the skin. 

skinade travelskinadreDo I recommend skinade? 100%. It’s an amazing product which has been thoroughly tested and it’s super easy to add it into your daily routine. My favourite thing? You can even get travel sachets so if you’re constantly busy or away like me, you can still drink your goodness. I find this drink is like a magical little drink which just makes me feel good like I’m putting goodness into my body.

Head to to find out more but I love this product. 

Have you ever used skinade? Have you heard of it? Do you like the sound of it? Do you take any supplements? What are your top tips for great skin? 

Lots of love, Em x

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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