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Monday, 24 March 2014

Mother and Daughter Style Inspiration: Mother's Day Outfits

Mother's day is just around the corner so when I was contacted by Hush and asked to create a Mother/Daughter style guide, I wondered if this would actually work - can a mother and daughter seriously wear the same kind of clothes and shop at the same shops? Me and my Mum both adore Zara, but apart from that, we do have quite different styles, but naturally, that's just because we're different people and we're different ages. The minute I clicked on the Hush website I started making myself a wishlist, I literally wanted everything, I soon realised, my Mum would want everything too. Hush invited me to style two outfits from the SS14 collection – one for me and one for my Mum – hopefully I've produced something which showcases the versatility of the items and proves that their new range of products suits all ages. I only ever write about things which I genuinely believe in and the minute I clicked on the Hush website, I fell in love and have pretty much planned my whole Spring wardrobe. The blogger who puts together the most stylish two outfit combinations will win £300 worth of Hush vouchers too so I really am crossing everything. I can't wait to show you what I've chosen...

Board number 1: Outfits for the daughter (basically, outfits for me)

So even though I was asked to put together one outfit for me and one outfit for my Mum, I found the website so versatile, that I physically couldn't choose just one each, so instead, I've put together 3 outfits, which can be mixed around really well and actually, you could probably wear everything together! 

Outfit 1 for me:
- Black Leggings - I'd wear the black leggings with a baggy bright top for a casual every day look, you could put this on with trainers for a nice day-time and summery look and then add a leather jacket and some black wedges to it to transform this into a nice outfit for an evening meal. I think that the tight leggings go really well with over sized, baggy t-shirts and I absolutely adore this fresh, Spring ready top. I'm not usually a fan of neon yellow but this top is perfect, I need it in my Spring wardrobe. I love black leggings and they literally go with everything, they're so versatile. I've also put an arrow to the baggy white t-shirt because well, you can't beat black and white, and obviously, these leggings go really nicely with the white top too for a casual look. My Mum would definitely wear this too!

Outfit 2 for me:
- Grey Jersey Shorts - The grey shorts in the centre of the collage are just beautiful, they're flattering because they're tight at the waist but they're baggy at the bottom so they're perfect for Summer, you cannot beat jersey shorts! I absolutely love the colour, you can't beat grey. I'd pair these with the neon purple top to brighten and compliment the grey or, I'd put them with the white top for more of a casual lunch date look. This outfit is something that I could wear to the gym, the beach, for a Summer BBQ or more. I absolutely love this and need to get my hands on those shorts.

Outfit 3 for me:
- White T-shirt - A white t-shirt is an item which pretty much goes with anything. It was really difficult to only choose one thing to go with it, because there is so much choice on the Hush website. In the end, I decided that I'd wear it with the black leggings, as mentioned, but also, I'd wear it baggy over the top of the tight blue skirt for a casual, beach day look, or tuck it in for more of a night time look. I would also wear it with the grey shorts as mentioned. Furthermore, I'd love to put this top with the beige shorts on the right hand side, either tucked in and worn with sky high beige wedges for a gorgeous Summer evening look or with some brown flat sandals for a daily look. You cannot go wrong with a plain white t-shirt and hopefully, by now you're seeing just how versatile everything on this website is, everything compliments everything, it's great, but not so great for my bank balance as I want everything. Oops.

Outfit 4 for me:
- Textured Blue Tube Shirt - As mentioned, I'd pair this tight blue skirt (which is a gorgeous textured pattern) with a plain white t-shirt, tucked in with heels for a night out look or worn baggy over the top of the skirt for a day look, I'd put this with sandals or the white pumps for a day look and then with the wedges and the white t-shirt for a gorgeous night time look.

Outfit 5 for me:
- Cream Shorts - These are just the perfect Summer shorts, I think they're really pretty but easy and comfortable because they pull in and tie in a bow at the waist. I love ruched waists. I think these are very Mollie King (my style icon). I would pair these shorts with either of the jumpers, I simply cannot decide which colour I'd go for, they're both beautiful, I love the neon edge to them and then I'd put the beige wedges on with this outfit too. I also think that these jumpers would go really nice with white skinny jeans. This is my favourite outfit, ever and I need to get my hands on it. 

Board number 2: outfits for Mum.

Outfit 1 for Mum: 
- Navy Knit Dress - I love this dress so much (I'd wear it myself), I think my Mum would love this by itself for a cool Summer day, with black tights and little heels for a business meeting at work or with these grey leggings for a comfy casual look. I chose grey leggings because I thought they were a bit nicer than black for Spring, but also, because the dress has hints of grey in it, the leggings just bring that out and brighten it up a bit. I'd put this with sandals for a nice windy beach stroll too.

Outfit 2 for Mum:
- Grey Stripe Jumper - I love this over sized jumper, it's perfect for a Mum who wants to be cosy but look fabulous, particularly for Spring because the nautical look is in. I know my Mum would love this - I've put it with either some black leggings, black jeans or the blue tight skirt. I can imagine this looking absolutely gorgeous with black tights and the blue skirt, such a casual but nice outfit. I think this could look great with sandals or with some flat pumps too.

Outfit 3 for Mum:
-  Pink Stripe T-shirt - I absolutely love this pink stripe t-shirt (I would definitely buy this for myself) - I think this would look gorgeous for Spring with some white jeans and some beige wedges for a night look or some bright pink sandals to emphasise the pink in the top for a casual day.  Obviously, the 
pink nail varnish is a must with this. Both me and my Mum would wear this outfit proving that the brand is very versatile. 

As you can see, I love pretty much everything on this site, Hush is most definitely one of my new favourite sites and I really hope I win so that I can stock up on Summery treats for my trip to Vietnam this Easter (and obviously treat my Mum too!) I genuinely found this task such a hard one because absolutely everything goes together on the website, and they're right, everything really is suitable for both Mum and daughter, I've never seen such a versatile site and can't believe that I've only just discovered it, it's definitely getting bookmarked. I love simple, versatile items and everything on the site is so simple and lovely - they also do some incredible maxi dresses and maxi skirts which I've got my eye on for my Vietnam trip. How exciting, this really has got me excited for Spring.

If you're looking for some more Mother's Day gift ideas, you can read my gift guide here!

Do you like any of these items? Do you like the outfits that I've put together? Would you like any of these items in your wardrobe? How would you style these clothes? Have you heard of Hush before?

*This post is a collaboration with Hush-UK, but as you can see, I love EVERYTHING so as always, it is very honest!
Lots of love, Em x

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  1. I really love the idea of mother daughter mix and match fashion! I can't say theres one item here that I wouldn't wear in this collection, my favourite item has to be both pairs of wedges that you have styled with the daughter and mother looks.
    Also really love your no make up selfie post, was a really refreshing read to see a mix of views and quotes in a balanced and supporting way to girls!
    Hannah x

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  3. I don't know how to start, but I must say this is awesome and fabulous. I placed an order for my dress on 4th and it was sent out for delivery on 16th.
    Sigrid Olsen



This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.


This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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