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Saturday, 23 August 2014

August Wishlist

Hello so today your bank balance is going to hate me and I apologise in advance for that. Wishlists are my favourite things to write, but my bank balance probably doesn't agree. Everywhere I look this month I just want everything so I thought I better compile a little wishlist. Here goes…

Zara Leather Court ShoesI picked these up whilst in Leeds shopping recently and honestly, they’re so gorgeous and simplistic, I decided to put them down because I couldn't afford them on that day but I must get my hands on them this month. I actually got some amazing similar nude ones from Daniel Footwear (here if you want to be nosey) and I just can’t get enough of them so I'd like a baby pink pair now too. They’re so so classy and easy to wear.

Topshop Lined Boots I always find myself on the New In section of Topshop and I am absolutely in love with these boots. I really want them for my trip to Canada but I already have so many pairs of shoes to fit into a tiny suitcase. What’s a girl to do?! They're available online here for £98 and I'm trying to decide if it's a fashion yes or a fashion no (and if I have enough room in my case!)

Dior Nude Skin BB Cream Some of my favourite bloggers wear this and I just feel like I need it in my life for good skin days. I love Dior’s Forever Foundation and I just know that I’ll love this too. 

Topshop Heart Print PJ Set  – I came across this in my local Topshop recently and I fell in love. I’m not sure how comfy it would be but I am just so in love with their pjs at the moment. I also love their Waffle pj set too and must get my hands on it. You can tell I’m in the Winter zone at the moment, all I can think about is cosy pyjamas. The good thing is, these are great for Summer too, hooray.

Frends We Are Handsome ‘Taylor’ Headphones You can only buy these online from Nordstorm (who post to the UK yippee) and I feel like I may have to order them - pronto. How adorable? I am so bored of losing my Iphone headphones and feel like I need some trendy, robust headphones – I am so in love with the design of these and the style. I am doing lots and lots of travelling this Autumn/Winter so I feel like robust,stylish headphones may just become my new best friends. 

ASOS Wrap Front Playsuit This is so gorgeous, I absolutely love playsuits particularly in Winter actually with some chunky tights and boots. I know this is on my wishlist but I may have accidentally ordered this earlier in the week. My bad! 

Missguided Crepe Blouse I love this whole outfit, the shirt is so lovely with the shorts, I’m such a huge short lover.  I'd say shorts are my favourite item of clothing as you can put them with t-shirts, vests, jumpers, baggy tees - anything goes. I love everything on Missguided at the moment too which is painful but at least it's more affordable than most online stores.

Topshop Triangle Cup Bra – I absolutel adore pineapples and this little bra is just the cutest set. Probably too cute and perfect to wear though! 

Posters – I like to add a little bit of interior into every wishlist (blame Pinterest) and I am really wanting to make myself some fashion posters this month. I was actually inspired by Pinterest when I saw the idea to blow up your favourite page from a book and stick it in a frame on your wall. I think I'd blow up a page from Wuthering Heights or The Great Gatsby and have it in my bedroom. I was recommended InstantPrint so once I get it done, I'll report back! 

TrueSkin Holiday Essentials Beauty Package - I'd be lying if I said I didn't love getting pampered. I really want to treat myself to a massive pamper session and actually planned to do this before I went to Canada. I adore salons where you can go for a few hours and have everything done for a good price. TrueSkin do a holiday essentials (2hr 15 mins) package which includes everything you could dream of;
Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Scrub, Jessica Manicure, Jessica Pedicure, Eyelash tint,Eyebrow shape and tint. It's left me wishing that I booked in now...

What's on your wishlist this month? Do you like the sound of anything on mine?

Lots of love, Em x

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  1. The pj sets are so cute I love the design! Excited to see what you bring back from the US too, good look with the travel
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

    1. Eeeek thank you cant waittttt to show you xxxx

  2. The topshop bra is soooooo cute!!!! I want <3

  3. I'm also after the Diorskin Nude BB Creme. I've wanted to purchase it for YEARS. It's about time I cave in, me thinks. ;) #goodbyemoney

    1. I neeeed to cave! We should do it together hehe! x

  4. Loving the Topshop PJs, they're so cute! Raspberrykiss xo

  5. great wishlist!
    I love this selection!

  6. I think you was wearing that playsuit in your most recent video?!?
    I really like those earphones x

  7. Love the shirt and shorts, they are lovely! xxx

    Blog This With Hannah


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