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Friday, 30 November 2012


Hey lovelies so I apologise that I haven't posted for a few days, i've been poorly which you'll know if you follow me on twitter. The doctor has told me to completely rest as I have a virus and I am exhausted but that's easier said than done when I've got important deadlines next week! Anyway, I've wanted to do this post for some time now, but it's less than a month until Christmas and we all want to be able to eat whatever the heck we want on Christmas day and around the general Christmas period and that's why I've decided to do this quick fitness post, so that you can do a few things and eat what ever you like and still fit into your little black dress.

Georgia Salpa

First steps; For me, having someone in my head as a 'fitspiration' always works, I aim to get my body like Georgia Salpa's, Michelle Keegan or Megan Fox's. It really motivates me looking at photographs of girls with perfect figures as it makes me want to look like them. I'm definitely not for the really skinny look though and I understand that the idea of perfection is a vague one, which differs for everyone, the girls i've mentioned above are healthy and toned. Everyone is going to have a different 'fitspiration' it's got to be something achievable, and something that will work for you. Obviously don't choose the airbrushed size 0 models, they're not natural or normal and no-one in the world can look like that, it's impossible. Mainly, we excercise/want to tone or want to lose weight in order to make ourselves happier in our skin, or in order to keep ourselves healthy, so I honestly just choose someone in order to motivate me and get me to the gym in the first place. But for me, my biggest fitspiration is easily Georgia Salpa (left).


It doesn't have to be exercise. Yipee, rebloodyjoyce I hear you scream. Most of my friends HATE going to the gym, lucky for me, I like it (when I can be bothered to actually get there, once i'm there i'm fine) but lucky for us non-gymgoers, or even luckier for those who go to the gym as it means it'll have double the benefit, amazing brands such as Zaggora and Dr.Ceuticals have brought out moisturisers and gels which aim to reduce fat, cellulite and all other things that we don't want. Of course, I would recommend going to the gym as there really is no substitute for exercise i'm afraid, but these lotions and potions should help. I've been using two products from Zaggora that i'd recommend you buy now! They do a 'motion lotion' and a 'sveltmelt' and when you put them onto your skin, you honestly can feel a tingle, which makes you feel like it really is doing something. I honestly do believe that my legs have got a lot firmer after applying this every day after I shower. I'm also surprised at how quickly it dries. Motionlotion is a hydrating body sculpting lotion. I've researched it on Zaggora's website and it says: ' 92% of women agreed that the product was effective at hydrating and smoothing the skin over a period of 4 weeks!' and i suppose 92% of women can't be wrong. Now i'm not a doctor, so I will show you what it says about this product online: When massaged into skin, Motion Lotion may help to improve the appearance of cellulite, leaving skin hydrated, refreshed and looking more toned. Patented encapsulation technology is used for the delivery of caffeine and menthol for effective and sustained release.' As well as this, it contains many active ingredients: 'Caffeine penetrates deep into the skin and is known to directly affect fat cells and encourage tissue drainage, Menthol is released on contact with moisture to deliver a continued feeling of freshness,Stretch marks are targeted with peptides and extract of green bean to help fade their appearance, Lupin seed extract helps stimulate collagen production to restore the appearance of firmness and elasticity, Contains Inca Inchi oil, a rare Peruvian oil rich in omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, which are known to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier' So yeah, basically this is like heaven for your body. It costs £35.00 but it's so much more than a moisturiser and I honestly would recommend it.  I personally prefer the Svelt Melt as it is: 'a refreshing body-contouring gel.' I like the word 'body-contouring' as this is what I want. I have been using motion lotion on the whole of my body and the svelte-melt on my legs, where I really want to tone. Again, this includes many incredible ingredients. You get a free sample of these with every order from Zaggora so it's really worth it.

You can even tone your tummy without the gym. I've also been using Dr.Ceuticals Tummy Tone which aims to firm and tighten your stomach in 28 days. To tell you the truth, I have been ill for so long that I haven't been excercising, I have used this most days, twice a day and I have seen that my stomach is more toned, it's stayed flat.  What they say (the techinical stuff): 'Even with healthy eating and regular exercise a perfectly toned tummy and waistline is difficult to achieve. Formulated with a brown seaweed extract proven to have slimming properties, this highly effective cream acts directly on the causes of retained fat to help reduce the appearance of love handles whilst also helping to reduce the waistline measurement. The perfect tummy fix.
It Firms & Tightens thanks to a proven active ingredient to help tighten skin around the waistline area in 28 Days. It helps slim the waistline by up to 18% and reduces the production of fat storing cells by up to 58%, Tones & Contours, Fights love handles to promote am more shapely silhouette.' So yeah, once again this is like a miracle in a bottle and it's only around £13.00 at Boots at the moment which is really cheap considering how good it is. I suppose it's worth a try for £13.00, once again you can feel this tingle so it really does work.
Work out without even realising. In today's age you don't necesarily even need to go to the gym with the likes of Zumba fitness core out, you can just have a dance with your friends and burn so many calories. Like it says on the back 'dance your way to flat,sexy abs' this game is so much fun, it puts fun into working out and you honestly don't even realise that you are 'working out' as such. It says it will keep you motivated like crunches never did, it really does and there are so many dances to learn 'party your abs off' as they say. They say:  Zumba Fitness Core is specifically designed to deliver the tight and toned abs that women crave. This energized dance-fitness party features fresh music and choreography, new dance styles and fitness features, plus cool new venues and celebrity Zumba instructors who can help you reach your personal goals as you dance your way towards that sexy six pack! Hot new choreography specifically designed to sculpt stronger, sexier abs and provide a solid total body workout Dance to 40 new songs, including contagious new Zumba fitness originals and more. Move to 30+ different dance styles as you play that's more styles than any other dance or fitness game available!' i'd more than recommend getting this for all your Christmas parties, why not work out whilst you're with your friends, I know that this is something that i'll be using for the whole of the christmas period with my family etc. 

Wear the right equipment. Now if you read my blog a llot you'll know that I love Zaggora, the great thing is, there products work at the gym or at home... as you can see, you burn calories even wearing their products at home, take a look below:

These hot pants, which a lot of you have commented on as I usually wear my pink ones, actually make you burn calories even in the house.  They're literally the best work out trousers that i've ever had, I've done a full review of them on an older post which you can read here, but basically they burn 4x more fat and I honestly believe that they make my work outs harder, which is good as then the outcome is so much better. What they say (the technical stuff): 'Specially designed with Celu-Lite technology fabric lining, HotPants enhance your natural body temperature to warm you up in the areas you want to target most (thighs, bum, and legs).' They come in the most beautiful colours,  I just have a plain black pair and a pink pair. They actually make me want to work out. However, I have just worn them when going on a casual walk with my Mum around the village. Lucky for us, Zaggora listened to the readers and has now created the same concept but for the top half. they do a work out vest which works exactly the same, it makes you sweat more and therefore makes you burn more calories therefore, getting rid of more fat and toning more. You can see my Zaggora kit below. The hotpants are £55.00 but mine have lasted me forever, I really have seen a difference in how toned I am and a lot of people agree when they use them, I really would recommend these for any type of exercise.

Proof that my Zaggoras are working (cringey self photo shot coming up...)

In order to help you get fit for Christmas i've done some YouTube videos, ones that you can do at home or in the gym:

Of course, most of us just want to exercise because it genuinley does make you feel happier, never ever feel under pressure to lose weight, be happy in your own skin and be proud of who you are. I hope that this helps some of you as this has beem requested after people have enjoyed my previous fitness posts, they can be found below if you want to catch up on them.

Beach Body fitness post and Zaggora review

Lots of love, Em (previously adayinthelifeofems)


  1. Great post!


  2. You look great xx

  3. Nice blog here, wanna follow each other? Visit my blog and let me know, I would love to keep in touch through comments =)

  4. My friend uses the tummy tone stuff but I've always been skeptical. You have a lovely figure, quite jealous!

    1. yeah its quite skeptical but i mean, it is incredible i would try it especially when its quite cheap atboots, its def done something! mwah thanks for stopping by xxx

  5. excellent advice! my body inspiration right now is definitely lucy meck. saving this post . xoox

    1. lucy meck has an incredible body! aaaahh shes always been one of my inspirations! good choice xxxx

  6. nice post :)
    I always want to go to gym but never have time because of housework and other things that pop up haha I got to get a pair of zaggoras

    1. thankyou im gla you like it! yeah i know, get those zaggoras on! xxx

  7. Such a brilliant post, it's nice to know that you don't have to just drag yourself to the gym to lose weight.
    Seriously loving the sounds of the motion lotion and svelt melt!!

    1. awh thank you so so much:) im glad you like it, yes they're amazinggg! xxx

  8. Great post! I also want to use the holiday season to lose and tone instead of the opposite! With hard work and dedication it's definitely possible. I am still torn on the Zaggora pants. I have a pair but they ended up being a bit too big. I may try wearing them more often and see if I can tell a difference.


    1. aw thanks so glad that you like it! Yeah me too, i'm gonna try really hard as I feel obese at the moment! yeah of course, they are amazing, mine are skin tight! xxxx

  9. Getting slim for Xmas is a loosing battle!
    Honestly, while I'm at the gym I'm orgasmic over mince pies and chocolate gateau!
    That is the real reason I'm sweating!
    Btw nice degree choice!
    I'm doing journalism as part of my joint honours too!

  10. such a great post em, super helpful. My body inspiration is definitely Candice Swanepoel!

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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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