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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Win your own 'Glossy Box' *Giveaway* And my first ever Glossy Box- Harrods style!

Saturday evening - wow i'm so tired! Been working today BUT I got home to my own glossy box! Now, if you're not sure what a Glossy Box is (neither was I until about a week ago) it's a company who send you a box full of goodies (5 luxury samples per month). This is all good if you like the samples, and it's good because it's only £10.00 a month - However, is it worth this? I think it's exceptionally cheeky that on top of the £10.00 (when samples are free anyway) they expect you to pay £2.95 postage. I sell a lot of things and have never paid £2.95 for a small parcel. Hm. I suppose they have to make money somehow.

But anyway, I decided No WAY am I getting conned into getting one but then the Harrods edition lured me in. It was the mention of Burberry lipstick that got me to be honest and hooray I got none in my box. Beggars can't be choosers but I do think everyone should get the same thing. I also think that you should get a few more items, 5 items is nothing for £13.00. So, below experience me opening my first box. I know I sound like i'm moaning but I have to tell you it all how it is  and exactly how I felt about the concept to begin with...

***Keep reading for an exciting giveaway***
The box it's self and the packaging is what I love most about it. It'll look gorgeous in my bedroom. It's amazing getting a cute treat like this to open every month. I was soo happy when I saw how pretty the box was!
BREATHEEEE... ... and this is what was inside. Reasonable happy after reading HORRENDOUS reviews about the company. People were so angry with them for bad products etc but i'm very happy actually. The thing that annoyed me is that they don't seem to respond back to these comments on facebook etc which I think is a bit rude. However, I kept calm and knew that i'd be quite greatful whatever I got in it as i'm happy to try anything!

I'd NEVER have bought let alone even tried these products so I am so happy that I got this box as it's given me the chance to try new stuff! I have a huge box in my bedroom full of moisturisers etc and I get so much use out of them so this excites me greatly!

How yummy, a minute Versace perfume! I love it and I love the bottle. it smells florally, I usually wear versace (bright crystal) and flowerbomb and this is very similar so i will be wearing this! I got so excited when I saw this!

Oh my god this smells AMAZING. I was hoping i'd get this in my box! It's a firming cream so I will be using this after the gym! Soosoo soo happy that I got this verrryy happy!

Apparently this is like £200 for a big tub of it? I think it's a face cream? It better be good for £200! I will let you all know when i've used it. I love the dinky little pot though, a lot.

This is one of my fave products, it is an amazing colour. I've always wanted to try Leighton Denny's nail varnish as they're meant to be the best
How amazing is this colour! It's like a nudeeey colour but it looks so much better in the flesh.

A lot of people complained about this and said it isn't a 'luxury item' however i've seen this in Harvey Nichols and it does smell amazing! I will let you all know when i've used it. It's quite big as well which is good!

To conclude, i will keep my subscription for one more month and see how I feel. I did only get this because it was Harrods branding and I love Harrods. I'd love for them to do a Selfridges one, then a Harvey Nichols one... They'd be amazing!
However, I do really believe that you should get a few more products.
If you do want to try one of the boxes go on; Buy a Glossy Box to see more information:)

What i'm going to do about it; GIVE AWAY.
I am going to find lots of luxury samples myself and create a 'glossybox' lets call it the adayinthelifeofemsbox of my own for one of my lucky readers. As soon as I get to 350 followers there will be a few things you have to do and then a winner will randomly be selected. When I talk samples I mean you'll get loads! Let's see if I can beat Glossybox for half the price?
This is just an experiement for fun and you'll get a lovely selection of prizes from it! Its open to facebook readers, twitter readers, anything! It's easy to win but you will all find out once I get to 350 followers!

ps - Look at my tan!

I can thank Lauren's Way tan for this! I didn't rate it at first but it's actually soo smooth! Happy girlieee!



  1. Tag your it. Go to this link and do the 11 questions!! I hope you have fun

  2. So can you recommend Laurens Way Tan? :)
    I've tried one so far and I'm not completely satisfied! Please write me on my blog if you can recommend it!! :) thanks. Ps. you are so beautiful!

  3. I love glossybox, its such a nice treat once a month!

  4. Love the box, wanna have it really bad!!

    Nice tan bye the way :) haha, jealous!

    FOllow me back if you want to?


  5. С интересом читаю ваш блог))
    Заходите в гости))


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