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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Summer body inspiration and tips

Tuesday evening - Today I pushed myself to go the gym. I used to do so much excercise when I was younger. I did athletics for Leeds City, I competed in athletics for the whole of my childhood up until about year 9 because my social life took over. As well as that, I did swimming, Gymnastics , Ballet and Modern dance. I used to love P.E, I was a member of the Hockey and netball team. I absoultely love sports, I am extremely competitive, not as bad as some people were in my classes but I just love the feeling I get from doing sports. I took this to GCSE level and did sport, I came out with a grade A in it. Unfortunately this didn't follow through to A level, my fittness dropped but my interest in sport didnt. Having two partt time jobs and juggling 10 essays a week is extremely tight when trying to fit some excercise in there somewhere. 'Do a fittness DVD' ' Go on the wii' they're not really real 'fittness' sessions. I used to go to the gym 3 times a week but that stopped, today I promised my self I will start again.

I want a beach body, I don't think i'm over weight, and I certainely would not like to loose any weight as I do believe that 'curves' are the way forward, I'd just like to tone up. My main reason for wanting to excercise is so that I don't need to go on a diet, I can eat what I like, when I like and not get fat. This is why excercise is important to me. I love food!
I have never ever been on a diet in my life! I never will go on one, as long as you excercise there isn't any need!

Here are some inspirational images and my 'tips' for your summer body, It's things like this that are gonna pull me through these weeks of intense work in order to sort my body out for the summer months

I do think these two above are slightly too slim, it isn't natural... But I like the tan above:)

My three favourite 'real' women in terms of summer bodies;

 Sam Faiers from TOWIE has an unreal body she is one of my number one celeb female figures I'd love.
Lucy Meck from Towie;

Mercedes from Hollyoaks also has a beautiful figure.

Inspirational images;

This is what i'm aiming for ^ perfection if you ask me.

Been tanned always makes me feel more slim. Top tip if you're having a hormonal body doubting day, just tan yourself!

What I do when I go to the gym;
20 mins on treadmill, usually run at 11.3KM/H or if I havent been for ages I start on 10.5 and then after a few mins ramp it up. Interval training is good if you're really not up for it, so do like two minutes on 11.5 and then walk on 6.5 for two minutes,you burn more calories as you can go for longer. As a cool down I do 5 mins after then go on the leg weights and just do light reps on 20 to tone. Then I do a few hundred sit ups in sets of 20. Then onto the cross trainer for 20 minutes (level 12), I usually do the stepper too for 20 mins (level 12) and also do walking on an incline (hill) on the treadmill, or more jogging as this is really good for your legs:)

Going to the gym is the most motivational thing for me, as I push myself so hard.

If you're stressed, do some exercise, it's renound for cleansing :)

 Food that looks beautiful and is good for you;

You don't have to eat like this to be slim, I don't know anyone who does and all of my friends are slim! We eat a few packets of crisps a day, chocolate after chocolate bar... as long as you're active, you're fine:)

Beautiful Bikini Bodies

Watch this space to see how I get on with my 'Summer body' challenge! Gym again tomorrow then?

p.s DONT DO TOO MUCH, CURVES ARE GOOD. There are work outs you can do at the gym to enhance curves and make curves, not just 'burn fat' :)
Look at Rihanna and Beyonce! 


  1. This is the perfect post for me at the moment so thank you :) Laura

  2. We definitely share very similar ideas as to what the perfect body looks like! And I'm also preparing for summer already, as doing it over a long period of time and gradually works so much better than trying to get fit at the last minute! :D


  3. Nice blog dear what abt following each other..?

  4. I really love these sort of posts! And I totally agree when I'm tanned I feel so much better! xxx

  5. Great post, very enviable bodies! Yum, all that food looks so delicious! I eat as healthily as I can and exercise most days too to get a balance so that I can have my treats (chocolate is my best friend)! They say that weight is 90% diet and 10% exercise so I try to keep that in mind when thinking of what to have for dinner! :) xx

  6. I agree, the top pictures are too slim, I can see her ribs! Sexy=Strong. The pictures of the workout models are such inspiration- that one facing the mirror... to have her bum haha. Might need to kick start the new year workout! xxx



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This website uses Ad affiliate links, this doesn't cost you anything extra but means I may sometimes make a small % per sale.

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